Learning From Life – Extended Course

In the process of life I realize the crucial lessons stick with us and the less important somehow redefine themselves as we go. The most valuable seem to keep reaffirming themselves. As a Boomer, limiting myself to ten things I learned pretty well sums it all up:

1. If people ever stop surprising me I will probably be dead.  1. a. I am a people.

2. I alone am responsible for my choices. While others may influence my choices, they do not make them for me, nor do they cement them. 2.a. I adjust my choices according to my values and beliefs.

3. People want to categorize people. They do this out of a basic desire to control their sphere of humanity. They can’t, but they want to. 3.a. Ignore the categories – no one gets out alive.

4. People like to hang out with people they can talk with about anything and are also comfortable sharing silence. 4.a. Not much else helps me through rough times like ‘a good friend and a glass of wine.’

5. When one actually listens, body and soul, to what someone else is saying, one understands regardless of any language.

6. When we are young we learn best from our elders. When we are old we learn best from our youngsters.

7. Most confusion in life develops when we try to move too fast and separate from proven, great thinkers. 7.a. Slow down and connect.

8. No matter what happens in the world, life is better when we can wake up and smell the coffee (or bacon cooking on a campfire).

9. The freshest air over the water helps us think better.

10. When things seem impossibly bad, favorite movie quotes help sort out the mess.



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17 responses to “Learning From Life – Extended Course

  1. No 8 is just wonderful and no 6 is some food for the brain. It would be wonderful to write posts on each of them. Thank you for sharing! All the best, Roo!


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  5. Loved the content of this blog. Wisdom, distilled…


  6. I enjoyed this post. Have a wonderful Sunday.


  7. thanks for the insight.


  8. Oh this is a nice list for a chilly Sunday morning. Love the last one.. when in doubt I always browse the net for quotes. 🙂

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  9. Smelling the coffee and the bacon over the campfire makes everything better, for sure. Nice post.

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