About Self Storage

Obsession over possessions fascinates me. I invested more than $13,200.00 in self storage over nineteen years. Except for a couple of pieces that are worthless to anyone else, everything I stored is gone and forgotten now.

Throughout that time I drove the same, cool, pickup truck I bought for $9,000. It had gone 7,000 miles when I bought it. The day I sold it, over 353,000 miles later, I was positive it had thousands more miles left on it.

Three years later, after very little work, the same old truck I sold for $400 is still running strong.

I wonder if things in self storage for more than a few months need to move on. I could have bought a nice, newer vehicle with the money I spent hanging on to stuff I couldn’t keep. But I treasure the memories from all the miles that great old truck carried me.



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2 responses to “About Self Storage

  1. Self storage is great if you’re moving, but anything longer than a few months is silly. Your memories are with you. You don’t need a bunch of cardboard boxes to remind you of your past. As far as family heirlooms go, if you’re not enjoying them, there’s no point in holding onto them. Give those nick knacks to someone who will enjoy them. It took me a long time to figure this out. And yes, I now eat my Kraft dinner off of great-grandma’s fine china. 😉 If she could see us, I think she’d appreciate I’m actually using her china, rather than leaving it in storage.


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