Old Story; Good News

It’s a little after noon in North Texas. Birds’ songs lilting through the open windows as though they must remind me fall fell late last week. With allergies closing my inner ears, my eyes puffy, nose running and my head slightly achey so that sound sleep is elusive, I’m as aware it’s autumn as I am each spring. No worries, a spritz of saline here, a drop there and another tablespoon of raw, unfiltered, local honey and I’ll be fine again.

I miss the spectacular colorful displays I’m used to in more northern climates, California and especially the beautiful northwest. While Red Bud blossoms continue to decorate my neighborhood I remember autumn colors will come along eventually. Perhaps not as dramatic or widespread as I remember from elsewhere, but I’ll see them here and there while running errands, keeping appointments around town and and (dare I hope) visiting the kids an hour or so’s drive away now.

This all actually ties in with my main thoughts today from the mainstream media news. As cardinals and blue jays tweet away my longing for the family life I’ve missed for a couple of years now, I am thankful to be on high, dry ground – for now.

While many families and communities grieve through the shocking loss of loved ones, though I am very familiar with such pain, this year I am spared new wounds. Other local families are without power and gas, some forced to move from their homes after living without utility service for weeks with no end in sight. Floods in the deserts, on the east coast and the threat of hurricane Joaquin wreaking more damage, all paint a painful picture.

Today I am thankful as I gratefully offer up my prayers for my loved ones and so many others. Here in Tornado Alley, with my offspring – some first responders and military service persons – the peace I feel now can change in a moment. So, I’ll take in the splendor of each day as it comes, as I learned over decades. Excuse me a moment while I get another tissue…

Because of my experience I know that while I look to God first, He has provided all I need to accomplish all He created me to do. I needn’t concern myself with what may happen. Tomorrow will happen wherever I may be.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” King James Version (KJV), Matthew 6:33, 34 Public Domain


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  1. Facing the big “C” really brings this home. Live in the present, and live in gratefulness! Love ya Bert!


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