What’s Going On – And Forward

Earlier this week I challenged the news media to report more random acts of kindness not knowing the previous night’s recording of CBS and NBC’s 10:00 broadcasts already had.

Right here in North Texas, Executives in Action actually acted upon an idea inspired by the increasing popularity of food trucks. The organization handed out free food to children that day. By pairing non-profit organizations with senior level business leaders together, they served glazed donuts and apples to children, happy to receive them, on their way to school. According to the report, Executives in Action plans to serve coffee at D.A.R.T. stations and to distribute care packages at homeless shelters. This sounds to me like the start of something big.

Later in the week both networks also reported that someone stole a water jug from a local convenience store that was collecting donations for an 8-year-old cancer patient’s family. Days later, the two young boys that took the jar and the money, seeing the report on television, were so stricken with the reality of the wrong they’d done they not only returned the jar and the money, wrote heartfelt personal letters of apology to the beneficiary, but the report stated the two boys are also personally collecting more money to donate to the sick boy.

And this just in: Runners will hit the path over the weekend to honor and commemorate the life of the late David Stevens, victim of the random act of senseless violence which inspired my initial post, What’s Going On.

The world is indeed a mess, but today I feel markedly hopeful for all of mankind. While simply doing the next good thing may be naively altruistic, evidently I’m not the only one believing it actually is the next best thing we can do. With that I look forward to the next new day.



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2 responses to “What’s Going On – And Forward

  1. BY bring positive attention to this type of reporting, you are enabling more of the same. ROCK it Bert!!!!


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