Just For Fun

Last night I cleared my head, and then read the BU class 12th assignment post carefully. Many books and articles sprang to mind. Too many. After a long while, I decided I would sleep on it and write on the first story that came to mind in the morning. I turned on the DVR, which is my sleeping pill, set the timer and then nodded away. I’m almost sorry, but here goes.

My first thought this morning was a dear, old friend and I having a sleep-over. First off, one is never too old for a sleep over. That night, rather than exploring the local art or entertainment scenes as we typically did, for the first time ever we explored something new to us, television.

In the short version of this story, after an hour or so, we stopped on some stunning scenery that quickly pulled us into the story. We watched, paused, critiqued, questioned and chatted on-and-off through four episodes of the reboot series, Hawaii five-O. Maura being a seasoned world traveler, and me a fan of whodunits, we happily remember that unusual, fun night.




Six seasons later I save four recordings of the show to view in order much later on. While there’s ample eye candy for every taste, I mostly swoon over the shoreline and the mountain scenes – maybe I am getting old. I typically reflect upon memories as a fifteen-year-old, recently transplanted in Southern California. In 1968 I dreamed of someday having a social life and surfing, while I planted myself in front of the television every week, taking in Hawaii – as seen through Hollywood.

Fast forward six seasons of Alex O’Loughlin, Scott Caan, Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim, Masi Oka and now Jorge Garcia (remember Jorge and Daniel from Lost?). While I still enjoy stunning videography, I now also have fun shooting holes through the technical details. I adore and utilize the pause and replay buttons.

While the stories are entertaining, with the quirky mix of heroic characters, all set in some of the most beautiful scenery, this inquiring mind has some questions. Take for instance, the typical scenario where the team locates the villain-du-jour on the opposite side of the island from headquarters – with many miles and lots of traffic between them and the Five-O team. With scant moments to apprehend the bad guy before his horrible plan erupts, our heroes always burst on the scene, usually with lots of screeching tires on pristine muscle cars, impressive athletics, gunfire from seemingly terrible shooters (yet bystanders are not hit), and something explodes into colorful flames. Before the gang saved the day and then chides one another playfully, I can’t help but wonder if anyone else notices how only the core Five-O team infiltrates and takes down the bad guys as though they are the only law enforcement officers on the islands.

Besides, it doesn’t seem like Five-O without someone saying, “Book ’em, Dano” every week.



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6 responses to “Just For Fun

  1. Hmmm…interesting. I love watching these shows in my free time. I DVR everything so that I can FF through the commercials and replay selected scenes to analyze.By the way, I’ve only been to Hawaii once, and traffic in Honolulu is terrible.


  2. pontiac1936

    I guess that age matters. I stopped watching tv several years ago.


    • I use old reruns as a sleeping pill 😉 I truly believe aging is mind over matter, if one doesn’t mind it doesn’t matter. Thank you for your comment!


  3. I am a big fan of Hawaii Five-O too. I agree, the scenery is so beautiful. I have decided to add Hawaii to places I want to go. I, too, wonder how the team gets around so fast. Sometimes, it seems like a few days have elapsed but at the end of the episode it’s clear only a day has gone by.

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