Frank, My Dear


Like so many of life’s mysteries, we don’t know why our new house guest chose us. First appearing from within a bookcase while we were shooting darts, we deduce the vibrations from the target (being on the same wall) may have caused some dismay. Having duly apologized for any upset, Frank hid again before anyone got a photo, so the actual debut is not documented. The staff away for holiday, the oversight has been attributed to Hot Toddies and is thus not entirely unseemly.

2016 01 01 Frank


Not to appear discourteous, without formal introduction we have presumed to call our little friend Frank.  This seems acceptable.  Not overly exercised in decorum, we noticed our guest all about the lower level of the house, most recently at the central stairwell.  Most remarkably Frank finds neither the cold, ceramic tiles nor the stone hearth objectionable.










2016-01-01 FrankWe researched the internet vastly and learned Frank is a Green Anole lizard, and while apparently too young for us to be certain, Francine may be a more appropriate name. Feeding upon smaller creatures that may present us more inconvenience, we bid Frank a most hearty welcome and good morrow!





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4 responses to “Frank, My Dear

  1. When my first grand daughter was a toddler, she was afraid of flies. So I told her that it was actually our pet Freddie. It was so cute how she would say, “Look grandma, there’s Freddie” as a fly buzzed her in our house. One summer day, she caught me with a fly swatter in my hand that had a freshly squashed fly attached. In horror, she yelled “Grandma, you KILLED Freddie.” So I then had to explain how sometimes we tell stories to help people not be afraid. And that no, I don’t kill my pets.


  2. Frank’s cute but I wouldn’t want to wake up with him sitting on my chest.


  3. Francine it is! 🙂 Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

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