February in The Pacific Northwest

Niece, Sarah has blessed our home with her delightful, spirited presence all week. Imagine our delight when she shared Seaside, Oregon’s Gilbert Historical District’s Blog post with us – where she’s a featured artist!

Source: The Gilbert District


“Sarah Louise Boslooper is a 26-year-old artist who loves to create artworks expressing the Pacific Northwest and nature or emotion in strong colors. She primarily works with acrylic or oil pastel on canvas or a mix of burning and painting on wood. She has a ‘hands on’ approach; if the paintbrush isn’t mastering the thought she’s trying to portray, she will literally paint with her fingers. Boslooper’s art can be viewed including the three-piece wave belonging to Seaside Yoga Studio, a commissioned (and completed) beautiful wall of art.”

Sarah Louise at Seaside Yoga

“The Seaside First Saturday Art Walk, celebrating 12 years in 2016 is all about the arts. Visitors about, meet artists, sip wine or snag appetizers by favorite restaurants or personal chefs, view artist demonstrations, listen to an artist talk or enjoy live performances in music.”

Congratulations, Shra! and Seaside 😉  *

*Not a typo or misprint, thanks!

Source: The Gilbert District



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6 responses to “February in The Pacific Northwest

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  2. Very cool. What a talented family. And Seaside, always fun.


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