Yeah, So My Son Wears a Skirt.

Sure we’re comin’ up on St. Patrick’s Day, don’ cha know. Fresh buds are sheeting the landscapes with bright greens as if they too arrived for the Irish festivities.

jack meg 2016mar12



My first son, Iain phoned me early this morning while drivin’ into Chicago for the first of the big parades this weekend. As we chatted, I envisioned he and his wife riding side-by-side, dressed in full celtic regailia.

Yeah, my son wears a skirt: a kilt, a sporran (or pouch), fly plaid (depending upon the weather), hose, garters, spats and depending upon the event they’re attending, either a Balmoral or a Glengarry headgear. An’ it’s proud I am of him – and all my family.




band of brothers pNdIain and Meghan and Brother Brian are members of The Band of Brothers Pipes and Drums Corps. An annual tradition, they gather in Chicago with thousands of celebrants, for the Dyein’ of the Chicago River, The St. Patrick’s Day Parade  and the Southside Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade tomorrow.

jack drum 2015mar18


crabby 2016mar7crab jack 2012mar7

bookends 2016jan10











bob jack 2016jan10











Sure, an’ it’s a fine day, indeed!









“I have loved you even as the Father has loved me. Remain in my love.” John 15:9  (NLT)



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7 responses to “Yeah, So My Son Wears a Skirt.

  1. Great post about loving and being proud of our families! I was born in Chicago but haven’t been there in decades! I gave up drinking, so no green beer this morning! Not sure I’m awake enough to experiment with green coffee!

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  2. Two of my sister in laws are Irish and the Chicago and Beverly neighborhood parades are really important to them, too!

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