Us vs. Them

From the marvelous mind of Mitch:

Mitch Teemley


I am profoundly disturbed by the current rise of nationalism in Europe, in the Americas, in the Middle East, in nearly every nation on earth. Powered by the false logic of isolationism and protectionism, each successive wave of nationalism crashes down with increasing vehemence on anyone who can be blamed. A current meme urges Americans to support “Veterans Instead of Migrants.” This is a false dichotomy—there is no legislation in the U.S. requiring citizens to choose between these two factions. Nevertheless, leaders who argue against such “patriotism” are sucked under. And in their place, self-serving extremists rise on the tide of nationalism, spewing the seductive froth of Us vs. Them.

The last time the flood rose to this level (the 1930s), fed by storms of recession, it adolf-hitler_00315699erupted in a worldwide tsunami. Opportunistic ideologues (Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Stalin) “rescued” their nations, empowered by nationalistic fervor, and murdered millions before their…

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  1. Excellent little article. I shared on Facebook, which may cause irritation to my “them” friends. I hope and pray they can see the error of what they view as patriotism.

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