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Braining my way around a technical challenge, buried beneath a pile of work, deadlines I can’t ignore; I should call my IT guy. Shucks! I really wanted to figure it out myself.

tasty-cookies-closed-up-4608x3456_88070My challenge today, cookies. Forget about the Cookie Monster, I’m a cookie junkie!

cookie matrix




Yet as much as I love them, cookies are not my friends – especially not in cyber world. It’s not that they’re villainous, I’m simply that picky about my privacy. I like WordPress, but WordPress doesn’t appreciate my settings.

Temptation to change my settings (just so I can simply click “like” on a blog post) almost snared me – until I recalled the lecture the last time IT Guy had to “fix” my laptop. In that adorable, overly-controlled voice Quinn said, “Mom, do not change your security settings without first talking with me.”

securityOne accidental drag across my touch pad cost Quinn a few hours of sleep. It cost me far more hours of compromised work time, two dozen homemade cookies, packaging, next day shipping and several more trips around the park (to burn what I had to sample).

Still, I’m grateful he found the malware and “fixed” my Pandora issue too. I was glad to pay up.

He also explained how, because my settings do not allow all cookies, I can’t simply “like” many posts from my laptop. Don’t get me started on blogs insisting I’m not logged in.

I get around it all on my trusty, old GS3 cell, despite the frustratingly tiny keypad. Tells when I post from the cell are obvious. Some of the typos have been entertaining. I.e., speech-to-text translated “Roo, I felt…” to “Roosevelt.” I like that, Roo Sevelt. But most errors are simply embarrassing.

I appreciate peer approval, and I sow where I like to reap. A well-timed “like,” notification or comment can refresh my perspective. So what if WordPress disallowing my pretty gold star trips me out sometimes.

Though great friendships have developed, that’s not why I write and I don’t blog solely for stats. Still, I appreciate friendly confirmation that my work’s worth reading. Disallowing cookies may cost me some effort and keystrokes, but the blogging community and my security is worth it. I hope my fellow bloggers also graciously understand my using WordPress with old technology.

I’m a somewhat obscure blogger, but God sees me. I can trust Him with my needs. Not that I couldn’t be content with a Surface Pro 4! ‘Just watching for that Random House deposit to post… What? Oh, I must’ve dozed off. I was having that lovely dream – again.

“Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” Philippians 4:11 (NLT)

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30 responses to “Like

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  2. I don’t have many virus problems anymore, but I know they’re out there. I got my Gmail hacked and that took a while to fix. I don’t go on music sites or download videos. I don’t download much of anything. Just not worth the trouble.

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    • Generally speaking I don’t open attachments, ads or anything you mentioned either – Old School works for me for multi-media. I haven’t had a real problem I didn’t inadvertently create with a lazy hand on the touch pad since Quinn provided the newest laptop, software and Team Viewer. However, my security setting are too strict to allow me to “Like” posts, and often comment on some blogs. As long as I have brain cells firing I get around it on my GS3.


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  4. I hate posting using my tablet. I only do that when I can’t make the laptop work. If you think you’re using old technology, you should see what I use 😉

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  5. Know the feeling… I don’t posting from my tablet as the corrections are sometimes embarrassing, but there are times (as now for example) when lying in bed and writing on my tablet feels like Heaven.
    Why don’t you try Google for browser? It’s the best in my opinion. 😊

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  6. Haha Roos,
    Thank you for making this humorous at best but it is quite frustrating dealing with WordPress at times.

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    • Thank you, Charlene! You confirmed the humor came through. I laugh often at the silliness in life, but I wonder if it comes across in my blogging. As you often say, Love never fails!


  7. I use Firefox as my browser. I have options relating to accepting cookies. I like Firefox because I can see everything that is going on while I am online. No surprises and they offer tutorials on privacy, security, etc.

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    • Great suggestion, Eugenia! I’d forgotten I used Firefox on a Mac some years back, like it for the same reason you mention and never had trouble with it. I loathe IE and the security risks it presents (merely by being more commonly used, I’m told). I hope to change to Firefox in the near future. For right now with so many huge projects in the air, frustrating as it can be sometimes, it’s likely more prudent to keep plunking along as I am – at least until I get moved into the house and set up an actual office :D. Presently I’m looking into a bookshelf in a dark corner, feet resting on a throw to protect the oak on the bottom shelf :} Happy writing, Eugenia!

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  8. “I’m a somewhat obscure blogger, but God sees me. I can trust Him with my needs.”

    What a beautiful way to end your thoughts…GOD is the only One that counts 🙂 Keep up the Great work!!! 🙂

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  9. Hey dear!
    Don’t you have any question to ask me on my latest post?

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  10. “EEK” You are telling me things I don’t even know I don’t know. However, I get the impression you a happy when I fill out those lines they demand from me here on this library computer. I didn’t have to do that on my own computer. I enjoy you, Roo. 😀

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    • Thanks Oneta. From what I can tell, when you want to comment on another WordPress blog, you key your text into the text box provided, beneath the text box, to the right (most of the time, is a line of small logos beginning with the round, pale blue WordPress logo. Click on that (you won’t see anything happen) and then click on “post.” That overrides the other information the blog asks for. Of course this is not a solid rule. I’ve tried to comment on blogs that reject my message even after including my name, email addy, blog address, last known forwarding address and mother’s maiden name (just kidding about the latter two), then click on the WordPress Logo and try post. Most of the time I refresh my browser first, before any other interacting with another blog. How it all works is mostly a mystery to me, but Quinn explains it to me like I’m a 5-year-old, “Just do what I’m telling you and you’ll see.” 😀


  11. I honestly don’t like those online cookies. It just gives one unnecessary stress. Keep going at your own pace.

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    • Thanks for stopping, Jacqueline. Aside from security risks I also wonder if they sometimes slow down the system. I forget to ask Quinn. Anybody?


  12. Lovely account! I share your frustration… I have had the problem of being told I’m not signed in, when in fact I just clicked on a link through my blogs. It’s strange. What did you do about that?!

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    • Hi Aishwarya. When the blog I want to comment on has stricter security settings also I can sometimes access on my cell. Once in a while I must restart (laptop) and visit the blog before doing anything else. It can be frustrating. Only once I couldn’t comment no matter what I tried.


      • Oh that’s happened to me too! In such cases I simply follow the blog (if I’m not doing so already) and/or comment on a different post instead. I know it’s not the best way to do it but it’s at least better that not telling the person how much I enjoyed visiting their space!

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        • Right? Besides the sowing and reaping thing it feels too much like poor manners or lurking to not at least “like” a post. The extra time reviewing post notifications can feel annoying sometimes, but I try. We may never know we encouraged another writer/blogger. 😀


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