Walk #7

I’ve been on vacation. I’d prepared my posts last week as best I could (new photos and poor internet connection notwithstanding). My only task until next week is to rest.

My primary focus this year has been to 1) pray and 2) live in the moment; enough with the incessant what ifs. I’ve honed my edge substantially, and yet this week proved for me to rest and simply be remains a challenge. The closest I get is walking the beautiful countryside.

Today’ relaxation:

img_1457 img_1458 img_1459 img_1467 img_1473 img_1474 img_1475 img_1477 img_1478 img_1479 img_1481 img_1482 img_1498img_1487


“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.” Matthew 6:33 (NLT)



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27 responses to “Walk #7

  1. Beautiful photos Roo xxx

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  3. Happy to learn you are prayerful.I’m moved.The pictures are just wow!

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  5. Jing Sebastian

    So true! And behold His wonderful creations and savor His undeserved kindness… 💕

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  6. Wow Roo, you are having an awesome time.

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  7. That’s a great verse that I too often forget. Thanks

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  8. I can’t think why you’d not be able to relax and rejuvenate in that beautiful land. Glorious. Someday…

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  9. I’ve lived both in NC and western Colorado. The difference is, the Rockies are majestic, sometimes cruelly so. The Smokies are more “living in” kind of mountains. We lived outside of Asheville on Coldwell Mountain. The Appalachias will live in our hearts until the end of life even though we are now desert dwellers, due to health challenges (both me and my mother).

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  10. Beautiful scenery for a walk!

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  11. I pray the peace of your surroundings will flood your soul. What beautiful mountainscapes! They are so different from mine in NC. These days we don’t see mountains until mid-morning when the fog burns off.

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