The Long Haul

I just made another addition to my voided driver’s license collection. Over the past three years, exactly 35 months, 3 weeks and 3 days, I’ve lived in Illinois, Washington, Texas and Colorado, also visited family in Arizona and driving through New Mexico twice in that time. I’m now back near the Tri-Cities in Washington State; near enough to the delta of the Columbia and Snake rivers to hit a ball into either major waterway.

Speaking of hits, Cubs Win! But this isn’t about baseball or the 2016 World Series. That’s a confirmation it was time to come back to the only place I actually felt at home. Surely I earned some time to drop a line in some water and rest a bit.

This latest chapter began with our branch of the family together here on The Ranch. Over the last decade Cole became our brother here – Lord, help him. Although sister Roan and Opal are still in Texas and Seagh walks beside Jesus now, such fond memories were born here I never wanted to leave. But that’s another story.

Six weeks ago I Googled the stats: It’s 908.6 miles from Erin’s house on the Western Slope of the Rockies to the hills and slopes of Finley. Days later Cole drove from Finley to Erin’s to collect me.

Five weeks ago Erin and I had talked it out, cried it out (separately, of course – it’s how we roll) so there was nothing left to do but the leg work. Days after I’d decided it was time to move on it took one phone call. In a few more days Erin and I loaded the boxes, and Cole tied down most of my worldly belongings into his trailer. With quick, teary-eyed, squishy hugs, very aware we were running out of daylight, Cole and I left Erin’s company and were on our way. Home. Where my hiraeth impetus can find peace.

Another four weeks later I’ve unpacked, burned the well-worn boxes and arranged the apartment to my liking, so I’m ready to return to work.

Following are photo highlights of our journey north and west. The photography from a constantly-moving vehicle doesn’t do the scenery justice, but we made excellent time. It’s not like I’ll never make the drive again and take the time to shoot it right.

img_1500 img_1506 img_1512 img_1520 img_1537 img_1542 img_1543 img_1558 img_1566 img_1572

With your unfailing love you lead the people you have redeemed. In your might, you guide them to your sacred home.”

Exodus 15:13 (NLT)




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17 responses to “The Long Haul

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  5. Beautiful postcard photos 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Jacqueline. I think of you when I look in the rear view mirror ;). Had we the time, we would have stopped for clearer photos, void of window glare. Still, it was a wonderful drive home.


  6. I’m glad you’ve found a comfortable, and comforting, spot to land. 🙂

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  7. Sharon Henders

    My my, lady. You do get around! I was hoping when you said “the only place I ever felt at home” you meant here in Fox Lake. We still miss you! The Bible study is starting up again. Do you realize we brought 3 of te gals to Christ? Phyllis, Barn and Jaxi! Hope your new home is all you want it to be. 😘

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    • Thank you, sweet friend. I’ll always think of my pretty home away from home in the Lakes fondly. I remember two of three ladies in mention and I’m delighted to hear it’s still going strong. Did you see the story I posted about the study?


  8. Good to hear you are settled!

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  9. Lovely photos! I look forward to hearing more about your resettlement. Hope the dust settles in beautiful patterns!

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  10. Gorgeous pix, glad you’re getting settled. First chemo today, nothing too bad in the way of side effects yet other than my back hurts and I can’t sleep. Love ya, Roo!

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