Good Call

My family observes Veterans Day with deep gratitude, heartfelt prayer, tribute posts to Facebook, visiting cemeteries and revisiting photos of the valiant service members throughout our family branches (including my dad, brother, three of my offspring, Cole…). At sunset the typical gathering of friends and visitors silently, reverently saluted the flag in honor of our veterans.


Feeling a bit drained I decided to recline with a DVD for the later part of the evening, American Sniper. But minutes into it Roommate and Cole burst through the door, the former giddily declaring, “We have a calf!”

Jumping up from the couch, I grabbed my jacket, was on their heels, out the door and westbound toward the paddock. Cole had already moved the mare and the 3-year-old steer to the south pasture. The cows furtively chomped alfalfa while eyeing the newborn calf resting comfortably a few yards away.

Cole wandered off to points east while I ooh and aah-ed over the new arrival. Wrapping our coats more tightly around ourselves, Roommate thought aloud, “How funny; weeks of great weather and she waited to birth on a foggy Veteran’s Day.” I replied, “So, what will we call him ?”

After a nano-second pause, Roommate said, “Hero.”

“Bam,” I replied. Much fist bumping, oohs and ahhs ensued.


“The Lord your God will bless you as He has promised.” Deuteronomy 15:6 (NLT)



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10 responses to “Good Call

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  2. Very nice story! ☺☺

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  3. Bob and I came upon a new born calf on one of our walks (it was just across the fence), and I mean still with placenta. We stopped, and watched transfixed, as this new life negotiated its new legs. What a wonder!

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  4. I’m an old guy now, not much celebration of veterans back in the ’70s when I took my discharge and ‘dropped out’. Words cannot express the warmth that fills my soul when people today remember vets as they do. Thank you.

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  5. What a heartwarming story! The tone in this post (your joy) is almost palpable. Live strong, sister!

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