Hi-Brow Find

God blessed me with pleasing blonde hair. Okay, it’s actually strawberry-blonde-gone-silver. Fine, it’s gray in some light.
Cursed fluorescents.

Roo 1981


My  eyebrows however are less fetching. Not only are they not detectable outside strong sunlight, they’re also asymmetrical. Worse yet, summer colors, especially any shade of yellow drains all color from my skin.

Ah, vanity. My life has been a cosmetic adventure. How I wish I could regain the time spent penciling and brushing in combined color products that just aren’t right.

Erin introducing me to L’Oreal Stylist Plumper Brow Gel changed my world. Well, that and returning home.

A genuine magic wand

A genuine magic wand

The Back Story:  On my first night home I crashed hard on the sofa in the main house. I typically shower before retiring but on rare occasions I’m too tired. Waking that first morning I was amazed to find my brows entirely intact with the previous day’s makeup. Seriously, we sat in the truck for 12 hours stopping twice for fuel, etc.

Aware of the steady stream of people on the property and anxious to get the day’s hard labor behind me, I wiped a cleansing cloth around my face leaving brows perfectly intact. I was impressed how my yesterday’s face remained my secret until nearly noon when we took a break from unloading for lunch. And for me, bathing.

For the next week, as we hauled items and I rearranged my “cottage,” my aching feet hit the floor running and I practically passed out at night. I appreciated my unretouched brows in the morning. Truth be told, I quickly mastered the art of washing without removing the gel, making it last up to 36 hours. Fine; 56 hours so far. I know; gross. Cole leaves before I’m out and about and his help or customers rarely see me. My dirty little secret is secure.

Annnd then with the cooler weather Cole activated the heater in the paint shop. The extremely, incredibly, really loud blower motor is mounted on the wall that separates my headboard, pillows and wall from the fan. I learned that first cold night that it restarts every 30 – 90 minutes. All. Night. Long.

On the second cold night Cole had repaired the offending heater fan. I again crashed hard into bed again, brow gel and all. After sleeping soundly every night for weeks, imagine my disappointment seeing the mirror the next morning; one brow rubbed onto my pillow slip and the other in patchy disarray.


Even so, after soap and water, a brisk brush of the teeth, four swipes of the tiny gel brush, and a tie in my hair I’m out the door, soy latte breakfast and all.


The mare, the cows and the calf are glad to see me just after dawn. I’m sure they’re impressed by my perfect eyebrows, not the hay, alfalfa and grain.

“Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. I know how to live on almost nothing or with everything. I have learned the secret of living in every situation, whether it is with a full stomach or empty, with plenty or little.”

Philippians 4:11, 12 (NLT)


Cartoon image courtesy Pinterest
L’Oreal Image courtesy Amazon



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27 responses to “Hi-Brow Find

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  3. Ha,ha! I chuckle at your descriptions. You’ve been quite busy and happy too. I enjoyed reading this and I’m not a fashionista. Just go with what makes me comfortable 🙂

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  4. I have no beauty tips to share. As you can see from my shared video greeting (if it plays for you), there’s no makeup whatsoever. I am not exactly a fan of makeup, though, I see the need for it on certain occasions (especially with my dark eyebags and freckles all over the face). I normally just put on lipstick when I feel like it, powder my nose when I remember to, and that’s it.


  5. Oh yeah one more beauty tip or observation. If I did not bring offerings to the Waxing Goddesses at my local Nail Salons I’d be looking like the late great female artist Frida Kahlo. Unibrow and hirsute city!! Ugh!! Menopause. Hair in places where no hair should be!! Yuck!!


  6. I started coloring my hair around age 52 when literally overnight all my hair went white!! What a shock to my system or mainly my pride. I do not look good with gray hair! Ugh! Not wanting to look like Grandma Moses I immediately turned to the Color Goddess L’Oreal Feria #57 (I’ve tried other numbers) and went all the way live. All the Way Red! Red Color Goddess Feria served me well for many years until tiring of the chemical smell I recently started using Manic Panic Vampire Red which is Vegan Hair color. At least it does not smell and is easy to apply. I now have a Flaming Afro!! I’m Frotastic!!

    No none of these hair colors will come out like the Ladies on the box but as long as you are satisfied with the result Life in Hair Color Heaven is true Paradise!!


    • 🙂 Enjoying pictures of you, especially those with your darling brother, I’m not gonna lie, I can’t picture you with silver hair. You’re rocking the fiery ‘fro right. Who ever gets the color depicted on the boxes anyway? I once tried Clairol Natural Instincts on virgin hair to bring out more red highlights and wound up with neon orange! Thank God, seriously it was not permanant color (I didn’t want to keep up with roots). My daughter-in-love advised me to use a color numer she gave me (green tone) the next dat and it evened out the brass the

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  7. At least you have hair and eyebrows!!!!!!


  8. Oh, the worries we endure as blondes! I may have to give that gel a try. 😉

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    • Ain’t it the truth? Going by your photos I highly recommend the light-to-medium. It wipes away with a moist swab (again and again until I mastered application. Angle is everything in my case). For evening I apply another coat, just like with a good, fresh lash mascara.

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  9. LOL!!! A most amusing post! I read it with a raised eyebrow, one that hasn’t been colored or gelled or plucked in 30 years.

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    • LOL. I’m glad to hear the humor came through. Seriously, I kinda miss not caring as much about my appearance where I lived before. Still, looking professional for Brother’s business’s sake helps keep the edge honed and helps me appreciate lazy Sunday afternoons. 😉

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