More Thanks

While I await the moist heat to relieve the aching muscles I’d forgotten I have, with a good connection back at home again in Washington, I’ll share a couple of my favorite moments from Thanksgiving weekend in Idaho with the extended family.


Roo and the new boyfriend


Show me the snacks


Do I smell apples?


Harvest time beauty

“May He grant your heart’s desires and make all your plans succeed.” Psalm 20:4 (NLT)



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19 responses to “More Thanks

  1. Your BF’s so hot!!! 😉 LOL!!! Kidding aside, I love your medium shot pic with the horsie 🙂

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  2. A fine hee-haw of a boyfried,He’s a handsome fella!

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    • Thank you, Selina. He there at my beck and call, he’s a great conversationalist, good sense of humor, handsome, and not picky about his food. He’s the perfect beau.


  3. Beautiful pics! You seem to be loving life. Keep living! ❤

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  4. Wonderful!! And what a BEEautiful area of the country!

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  5. Love the picture and your friend is a mighty good looker also.

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  6. Your new fella is a stud-muffin! 😀

    I hope your Thanksgiving was happy. 🙂

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    • I think so, Vanessa. He’s the sweetest guy ever. I saw photos of him in his glory days. It’s really too bad he’s a gelding 😀 The weekend was full of More Than Words love. Thanks. I hope your holidays are every bit as wonderful!


  7. Is there some significance that at a family gathering, you show pictures of a horse? Ha. Glad that you were able to enjoy the gathering.

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  8. Looks like a wonderful time and the making of good memories!

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  9. We just arrived home from spending Thanksgiving in Spokane! My niece lives in Couer d’ alene. Your horse back riding looks lovely. Been a while for me 🙂


    • Coeur D’Alene is also beautiful. Brother drove to Spokane Friday for a meeting from outside one of the historic Weyerhaeuser logging towns farther south. My thighs confirmed it’s been about 30 years for me. Barely moving Saturday, I got right back in the saddles on Sunday. Moving better today!

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