Stove Up

One of the first new terms I learned here in the Northwest was “stove up”. I soon realized folks weren’t talking about heat or cooking. They referred to feeling puny or broken.

Like me much of last winter for example. God kept me safe from hurt and harm this fall. But by this time last year I’d injured my right arm chopping wood. Soon I’d fallen and broken my tail bone and many mornings I woke with my bones aching over the exceptionally long, remarkably cold, and unusually wet winter. A few times I’d felt beyond stove up, I felt ’bout stove in.

As I light the first fire of the year in the wood stove I reflect on the past year fondly. I thank God for my rustic life (a dream come true), for my dear Brother Cole and friends and all I’ve learned from them.  Celebrating this life, reciting the lessons from the past year helps ease the longing for hugs, humor and hanging out with Seagh, my offspring, my darling Opal and my long-distance siblings.

What do you celebrate this week?

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus. Now all glory to God our Father forever and ever! Amen.”

Phil 4:19, 20 (NLT)


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22 responses to “Stove Up

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  2. We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving with family and neighbors. I love this time of the year, so I celebrate autumn for months.

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  3. I think as we age, we have the opportunity to see more blessings. I used to be able to revel in my physical strength. Now I can see God’s hand in my life more as I am able to do less. Lately parts start to break down and recovery takes longer.

    Anyway, I have enjoyed seeing your journey from afar! And what a beautiful place to land. Although my blood is too thin for being that far north this time of year.


    • You seem to be on the right track, Mary. We became friends talking about how peculiar life is. I am so happy to see you and see the love keeps going on and on. I shoud look into the actual latitude since our weather patterns are similar. I mean, aside from the humidity, the Lake effect and the brutally long winters there. Oh wait… last winter here was brutally long and folks say thus year will be as harsh. Maybe it’s a sign we’re supposed to get together! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Hubby & the gang, Mare.


      • We’re living in Tucson now. Unless it’s a summer home, I don’t think we’ll ever get that far north again. My daughter is in Bayfield (Colorado mountains) and I’m shivering thinking about the few days we’ll spend up there with her.


        • I can’t believe I forgot you moved South (wasnt that after southeast?)! I’d hoped to look Daughter, maybe catch a stmphony while I was in CO, but God had other ideas. Where’s that amazing son of yours now?. Thank you for the refresher.


          • Yes, we went from Chicago to western CO to Tucson AZ to Sarasota FL, now finally back in Tucson. #1 son moved a few years ago with his fabulous family to Greenville SC. I so miss seeing him, his gorgeous vibrant wife and three amazing grandkids. But there were better job opportunities there for him. And his wife loves being right next door to her sister. Sigh.

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            • Good to hear. I haven’t heard from him since the 2008 presidential campaign. Now you have family to stay with in beautiful SC. I can’t remember if your sis is close by you now. I miss living within a day’s drive of my sisters.


              • My sister & brother in law bought a few acres with a run-down mobile home just 5 mins north of my parents (about 40 minutes drive from me). Stan the Man goes where the crane jobs are, so he’s currently working in Globe AZ, staying in an RV. He comes home to see sister Pat on weekends. The latest is they’ll drag the old mobile out and are ordering a new one. So she’ll get to move from the 5th wheel to a real house. The old mobile was just not liveable or worth fixing up. We’re all stoked. She had a run in with gravity coming down the stairs at their 5th wheel and ended up with a broken wrist and fractured heel. After months of experiencing what it’s like to be disabled. she finally has the cast off her wrist and can use crutches to get around. Talk about feeling the effects of getting older!

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                • Heehee.. They’re laying steaks the way my dear old friend did outside of Hereford years back – including the broken wrist. My kids aren’t in the area anymore (moved to TX) but 2 sisters are still in Phx area. We’ll get together while we can still enjoy a hike 😊


            • You’re half a day from Phoenix (not a bad thing), but you’ll love Christi’s blog, Feeding on Folly. She reminds me of us, so check her out when you can:


  4. I celebrate that it’s a short work week. I was able to get Thanksgiving off. I have nowhere to go but being away from the job will give me a chance to sleep. A break from the 16 hour days and double shifts. Then from Friday to Sunday I get to spend time with my brother Stephen. I can’t afford to give him any Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas but I’m glad that the workers in Stephen Group Home Residence and take such good care of him. I’m very grateful to staff at both his residence and training center who do for Stephen what I can no longer do.

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  5. I celebrate that I am healthy and strong enough to take care of my loved ones.

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