You know, Ol’ Man, this morning wasn’t as awful as I expected. For a few heartbeats I was angry with Cole for not calling me up last night, but I can’t stay mad at him.

“Ol Man” Scout in a happy, albeit inelegant moment.

I’ll bet you chuckled to yourself that way you do, on and off all night about how we want to change things up this year. I tortured you with my ideas, chattering the whole week before New Year’s. You have always been a good listener. I still have some more ideas to run by you, but that can wait.

Cole surprised me this morning slipping quietly in the door instead of his usual boisterous entrance. I started to tease him but stopped abruptly. I can’t remember exactly why. Perhaps it was the uncharacteristic way he held his coffee mug against his chest. I offered him the tropical green smoothie I’d intended to take up to the house to him – you know, changing things up – but I carried it to the door. Since you didn’t come in with him I went to open the door for you the way I always do.

I surprised myself asking Cole as I turned from him to the door,  “Did your roommate’s grandmother die?”

I never noticed how cold the metal of the doorknob is until I heard Cole respond, “No. Scout died.”

I turned on my heel gasping, feeling Brother’s pain more than mine. The Ol’ Man’s been my friend these five or so years, but he and Cole have been inseparable since Scout was a tiny pup. Silently, I held my face between my hands a moment to keep back the sob and the tears that surely wouldn’t help him that minute.

Cole tried to put a log I’d intended to take up to the main house in my little stove. I held my words until he clearly realized the log was beginning to smolder but wouldn’t fit. Then I said gently, “That one’s for your stove. Let me take it up.” He handed it over but continued staring into the fire.

I found you there where Cole laid you, on your travel blankets in the dining room. You looked peaceful, as if you were napping. I rubbed behind your ears and your throat remembering how we got to play yesterday under clear, blue skies on a perfectly comfortable winter day. It had been weeks since you felt up to playing, but yesterday you moved painlessly once again. You got to greet a new visitor and then we played some more just because the weather was so perfect.

This morning I let you rest when I saw NewOldFriend arrive. Like you, I like her very much too. Cole had already brought the quad up to the house to carry you and some tools. I walked around to tell the neighbor ladies you’d laid it all down and apologized for all the commotion so early in the day. I’m sure you know how they are also fond of you.

Certain the fair weather would not hold out, Duck and his nephew showed up with the back hoe. Ninety minutes later Cole finished packing rich topsoil back over that high spot in the north pasture with the tractor. We all felt we were finished and should go but we couldn’t. Then we heard the horses in the surrounding pastures begin to neigh and whinny, bobbing their heads in a country chorus. Then we said our good-byes too.

We solemnly returned to the main house. It wasn’t one of the rare occasions Scout stayed home alone and he didn’t greet us as if we’d been away for days rather than hours. We toasted our dearly beloved friend and a life well lived. Cole commented that from the kitchen window we can look out onto his spot in the pasture, near the youngest of the trees.

Later, the pasture drew me back before returning to my cottage. Without Scout along it felt colder and empty. I didn’t hear him approach, but as rain began to fall Hero the steer gently nosed me from behind. Taking that as him telling me to stop being a silly human, I returned to my cottage to reminisce on my time with Scout, our dear Ol’ Man.

September 2005 – January 4, 2018

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.”

Philippians 1:3 (NLT)



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15 responses to “Resignation

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  4. I am so sorry that you have lost your friend. Scout looks wonderful.

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  5. balindsey2015

    I didn’t know Scout, but I know the aching pain of losing a loved friend. I’m so sorry for your loss. RIP Beautiful Boy.

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  7. Such a sweet face — so sorry for your loss. We had a recent scare with our lovable mutt, on Christmas Eve of all days. The vet gave us pain pills and antibiotics, and by New Year’s she was back to her old self. Even so, she is an old gal, so we’re learning to value every day we have with her.
    If only I’d remember that for people, too. 😉

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    • Thanks Christi 💙 You are so spot on about that. I often wonder if learning to live fully in the moment, to recognize the blessings isn’t our greatest challenge in life. We had braced ourselves to let Scout go early last winter but were thrilled after a visit to the chiropractor set him right again for over a year. No matter how we try to prepare we are rarely ready to let our loved ones go. Pray the blessings forward, my friend.

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  8. RIP, Scout. Good boy.

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  9. It really can be so hard to give up a companion like Scout. We have never had a dog for long years like that (although my folks did). My last one was only about 4 or 5 when my husband ran over him with a pickup. Broke our hearts and I could never handle getting another. Mostly I guess because of my age. But maybe another some day. I’m sure my kids would see him/her well taken care of.The accident was caused by a misinterpretation of a yell called out to our grandson to keep him safe. I’m thankful it was not my grandson. But I would like to have kept both.

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    • I’m sorry to hear that, Oneta. I’d be heartbroken too. Like you I’d determined to not take in any more fur kids. I’ve walked more than my fair share to the Rainbow Bridge. I did my best to resist Scout from the beginning, constantly reminding myself and Seagh he’s Cole’s dog, don’t get attached. But the Ol’ Man worked his way into human hearts like none other. I’m more than thankful his was a happy and not terribly painful end. I appreciate you and especially your comments ❤

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