Firsts and Lasts

I’m not sure why, but firsts and lasts most always strike me after the fact. I want to hit back, but that sets a bad example.

A last glimpse of yesterday.


A first glimpse of today


If the forecast is right the last stove fire of the season.


Likely the last log for this winter


The first rays of sun today and a battery’s last morning ever 


Daybreak on the last load of winter brush


Our first signs of spring


“[God] has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11 (NLT)




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10 responses to “Firsts and Lasts

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  2. What a neat idea to write and photograph first and last things! That was fun. I haven’t looked for our six new daffodils, because I’m too busy hanging on to winter. The birds showed me how happy they were for fresh seed between big rain storms.

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    • I know what you mean, Anne. I’m very ready to be done with the whole firewood and stove routine, but I thrive on the late winter weather as well as the wildlife and plants “springing” to life again. I seriously don’t like to complain, but I’ll be so much more content after the winds die down here.


      • Well now, wind is a different story! Complain all you want. Extreme winds make me jittery and on edge.

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        • Around here we can just about set our watches by them. It’s certainly not my favorite aspect of life on the ranch.


          • We have fairly constant breezes in the mountains, but wind is a different animal. My theory is that no matter where you live, there will be at least one aspect of weather that will bother you. I had a healthy respect for tornadoes in Tennessee, grew to dread hurricanes and blizzards in New York, and am scared of black ice underfoot in North Carolina.

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  3. Life is a series of seasons–firsts and lasts. We often don’t think to acknowledge them. Thanks for reminding us.

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