Tail Spin

Last week I recognized another important reason winter here seems to drag on forever:

Izzy and the pack on clean-up day

Aside from the week between Scout suddenly going to rest and GoodGirl joining the family, I always enjoy a fine variety of canine company here on the ranch.


Throughout spring, summer and autumn, dogs accompany most of the people that visit for business as well as pleasure. Even strays seem to like pausing here.

Rescuing ChiuyTwo and SchnauzerOne in March livened up the tail-end of winter. And now Izzy’s grand-pup, YellowLab, joins our happy homestead at least once a week.


The packs happily explore the lots and pastures, ever vigilant for wayward tennis balls or Frisbees, while their humans go about whatever it is they do.

During the winter people tend to hunker down and for a while visits become rare. Long before spring I miss the dogs.

“No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as the dog does.” Christopher Morley

Sure, dogs require a little more maintenance work and clean up, but they leave little room for regret or loneliness.

“God made the wild animals according to their kinds, the livestock according to their kinds, and all the creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.”

Genesis 1:25 (NIV)



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18 responses to “Tail Spin

  1. We grew up with dogs in the house and I wouldn’t have it differently! My childhood dog was a sweetheart.
    Also, love German shepherds!


    • For years moving around with my family I missed the faithful canine companions that have always enriched my life. My parents raised German Shepherds, so I too grew up with a particular fondness for them. God knows I’m delighted that wherever I wander there’s always a fur friend that needs a loving home. Thank you for hanging out a while, Savannah!


  2. What gorgeous dogs. There is no dull life with dogs around.

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  3. I have had a variety of pets throughout my life and dogs are by far my favorite! I read a cute quote recently and it goes something like this: “Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend never owned a dog.”

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  4. I grew up in a home with a front and back yard and we always had a dog. It was a wonderful childhood experience. Since the mid-1980s I’ve had cats. Different but great companions. Most New York apartments are way too small for dogs. Dogs need room to roam. Plus Like many New Yorkers we spend hours and hours at work only going home to shower sleep 3 hours and return to the job. Not good for a dog. Whereas cats are more self sufficient. My cat Sylvester does miss me but he hangs out in the closet until I come home. Sylvester loves when I’m at home. However if I could live in a house with yards once again I would have both cats and dogs. Meow and Woof!!


    • I agree entirely. Despite my sensitivities to dander I shared my home with a cat I rescued as an infant for most of her 18 years (she also liked my son enough to stay with him when I traveled). The cats here have their own condo on the pack porch, but they also like the barn and tack room. No dog stands a chance against any one of them – even the youngest kitten stares down the lab and she backs off. They all know to hunker down when GoodGirl’s in the yard, but I suspect she’s mostly curious – and she’s as smart as a stump where the cats are concerned. I hope you get your house and yards in good time, Deborah. ❤


  5. Animals are sooo wonderful!!
    My youngest has a hat that says, I prefer animals over people 🙂 And a shirt that says, ” Sorry can’t go out tonight I have plans with my ferrets!” Absolutely loves ferrets. Has 3 of them! They are fun!

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