This week I juggled my plans so that Izzy’s daughter and I could take a road trip to Aremote Lake. With my methodical planning we had lots of time so we could shoot up the countryside – with cameras – to our hearts’ content.

Happy and relaxed, I headed back home alone at the perfect time just before dusk that same evening. I got so many great shots I could hardly wait to get back within signal range and download them. Without any traffic and downhill all the way I could blast home in barely over 2 hours, so before I approached the main road I made a pit stop.

The short story is my cell wound up falling into water – clean enough to retrieve the device. Another good reason for keeping a few extra gas station paper towels on a road trip – after wiping the phone off and popping the battery out… suffice it to say it won’t emerge from the rice for another day or so.

Ordinarily I’d be a mess without my phone. However, with the rest of the family still out of range through to the weekend I honestly haven’t missed it.

Seriously, aside from texts from my grand kids, without my constant reminders, alarms, calendars, lists and calls LIFE GOES ON. What’s more, my heightened organizational skills have been delightful. I’m happy to report that not that much has changed in the past eight-to-ten years since smart phones became mainstream.

And thanks to Pixabay you can still enjoy some of the highlights of my lovely drive. We needn’t necessarily mention that without a signal my photos haven’t downloaded. Yet.

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 (English Standard Version)



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11 responses to “Ker-Plunk

  1. Roos,
    You do look at the positive side of things. I would not miss a day without my phone- for me it is little more than a hindrance.


  2. It’s only happened once to me (while cleaning a pool). Believe it or not, I let it air dry and it was like nothing ever happened. Not so with my husband who made the error putting it in his shorts pocket for a walk on a eastern FL beach (generally bigger waves than the gulf side). He went shopping the next day for a new phone. Funny thing was, he kept it and magically a year later it came back to life. I’m looking forward to heading off to Beaver Island MI where cell service is sketchy and internet service means a trip to the public library or community center. I’ll be there for over a month.

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  3. Oh no! I’d be lost without my phone but you’re right, life does go on. Fingers crossed for yours drying out quickly!

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  4. Love the pics and can’t wait to see your actual pics! 🙂 But in the meantime keep enjoying being free from your phone! 🙂
    It is funny how when forced to be without it we realize we really can survive!

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  5. Your scripture was well chosen. Dry out don’t dry up. 😀

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