Have I mentioned how I adore the weather in this region? Even when the triple-digit weather arrives, memories of summers in Phoenix, Arizona and the bitter-cold winters in Chicago-land remind me this climate is like a walk in the park. Besides, here the extremes of both intense heat or cold only last weeks and usually include milder parentheses.

As temperatures rose I noticed how the livestock and plants all cope in their individual ways. The horses and the steer all developed a new appreciation for early mornings and the sprinklers in the early evenings.

The chickens are mostly still much of the day and are laying about 50% less than they do in cooler temps. They only get excited in anticipation of fresh offerings from the garden and the kitchens when humans approach. We’ll see what impact a chicken tractor has soon.

To the east around the lawns the rose, begonia, nasturtium, snapdragon and hydrangea blossoms suddenly grow, mature and wilt astoundingly faster than usual.

Highlights of last evening’s walk included a trio of fledglings enjoying the cool concrete of the shaded patio while the flora also recover from the day’s heat. That was until giant, wingless beings arrived making the strangest chirping ever. I’m sure they were relieved after we moved indoors to listen to their chirps. We were also glad to hear they remembered how to fly back to their nests – safe from cats lurking nearby.

In my visit to town I noticed some people complaining about the heat. I also noticed they sounded much like the people that complained about the cold during the winter. They got me thinking about Job, “…Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?*”  Shall we accept fair weather and not harsh?

Personally, I like variety and especially appreciate that the extremes here last only a short while.

“Enjoy prosperity while you can, but when hard times strike, realize that both come from God…” Ecclesiastes 7:14 (NLT)

*Job 2:10 (NLT)



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11 responses to “Extremes

  1. Dear Roos,
    You present a fresh perspective to the weather. Like Goldilocks’ and the little bear’s porridge, bed etc..,- everything is just right.

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  2. A woman at church asked me how I’ve been coping with the heat here and I laughed. I thought she was joking, turned out she wasn’t. It was in the 80s and humid, but we thought it was wonderful. Guess it’s all a matter of perspective!

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  3. The severe cold bothers me more than it used to. But I love the variety too. And the snow makes the cold worthwhile. Air conditioning makes intense heat quite bearable–and it’s good for growing things. There is good in all God gives. Great post.

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  4. We went to the mountain (MT Hood) to escape the 100 degrees Sunday. What a wonderful place Trillium Lake was–nothing like a fresh and piney lake breeze. (Posted on this, this week.) Hope you enjoy some lakes or rivers there, as well, this summer (I believe you are in WA.)!

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    • Yes, Cynthia, we’re not too far from the Tri Cities, a stone’s throw from the Columbia and Snake Rivers. I know Mt. Hood and will be visiting friends on Mt. Adams soon. Can hardly wait. I enjoy reading about your wanderings too. ❤

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  5. Our weather is milder through the seasons, too. It’s great!


  6. It is so nice to see that there are others who accept the cards dealt them only to find the Aces, even if they can’t be seen. I enjoyed this one especially. Thank you for sharing.

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