Still Like

Upgrades and technological advancements, hmmm.

While I do my best to rest and regroup, I reflected on August 2016:


bookshelf-in-library-3000x2000_25575 working-hard-with-books-2890x2064_91665

I’m braining my way around a technical challenge, from beneath a pile of work (deadlines I can’t ignore); I should call my IT guy. But I really wanted to figure it out myself!

tasty-cookies-closed-up-4608x3456_88070My challenge today:




cookie matrix

Don’t get me wrong, I love some chewy yummieness. Still, cookies are not my friends – especially not in cyber world. It’s not that they’re villainous, I’m simply that picky about my privacy. I also like WordPress, but WordPress doesn’t appreciate my settings.

Temptation to change my settings (just so I can simply click “like” on a blog post) almost snared me – until I recalled the last time IT Guy had to “fix” my laptop. In that adorable, overly-controlled voice Quinn said, Mom, do you remember me asking that you not change your security settings without first talking with me!”

securityOne accidental drag across my touch pad cost Quinn a few hours of sleep. It cost me far more hours of compromised work time, two dozen homemade cookies, packaging, next day shipping and several more trips around the park (to burn what I had to sample).

Still, I’m grateful he found the malware and “fixed” my Pandora issue too. I was glad to pay up.

He also explained how, because my settings do not allow all cookies, I can’t simply “like” many posts from my laptop. Don’t get me started on blogs insisting I’m not logged in.

I get around it all on my trusty, old GS3 cell, despite the frustratingly tiny keypad. Tells when I post from the cell are obvious. Some of the typos have been entertaining. I.e., speech-to-text translated “Roo, I felt…” to “Roosevelt.” I like that, Roo Sevelt. But most errors are simply embarrassing.

I appreciate peer approval, and I sow where I like to reap. A well-timed “like,” notification or comment can refresh my perspective. So what if WordPress disallowing my pretty gold star trips me out sometimes.

Though great friendships have developed, that’s not why I write and I don’t blog solely for stats. Still, I appreciate friendly confirmation that my work’s worth reading. Disallowing cookies may cost me some effort and keystrokes, but the blogging community and my security is worth it. I hope my fellow bloggers also graciously understand my using WordPress with old technology.

I’m a somewhat obscure blogger, but God sees me. I can trust Him with my needs. Not that I couldn’t be content with a Surface Pro 4*! ‘Just watching for that Random House deposit to post… What? Oh, I must’ve dozed off. I was having that lovely dream – again.

*Update 2018 (in case anyone needs a charitable tax credit), my wish list includes:

  • A Dell XPS 13,
  • A Huawei MateBook X Pro, or
  • An ASUS ZenBook Flip S UX370

“Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” Philippians 4:11 (NLT)

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12 responses to “Still Like

  1. This post is very helpful. We have to be always vigilant while online. I feel there are more disadvantages to Alexa than advantages. I have a Kindle Fire but don’t use Alexa because it makes me too vulnerable for viruses. Technology is great but I want to be the one in control! lol, Hope all goes well for you.

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    • I just had a similar conversation along those lines with Quinn, Eugenia. Ideally Alexa can make life convenient, but I personally do not consider use worth the security risks.

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  2. I confess, I’m terribly lax when it comes to security. Though now you’ve got me wondering what people are encountering when they visit my blog. For instance, I notice on several sites (oh, it’s here too!) that a banner pops us on the bottom of the screen that says “This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.” So I assume it’s happening on my site too.
    I wish I could offer a choice of oatmeal or chocolate chip.

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    • LOL! I noticed WordPress doing that Banner a few months back. They have always tracked data. Alluding to the notion that one has a choice whether or not to accept makes me chuckle.

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  3. I always smile when I read your posts! 🙂 Keep doing what you are doing!


  4. Great post. Thanks for being so candid. Technology has morphed itself into a self-obsolescence. That is the purpose of the need for more powerful upgrades. The downside is the need for more information. That is you and your likes and all you contact on the Web.

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    • Having to go through the hoops to interact with the blogging community often frustrates me, but it’s the cost of securing our privacy. I’ll never have an Alexa, et. al. in my home or business – jes sayin’. Having a bare-bones web site back in the day, I appreciate all WordPress offers so easily. Still, I don’t budge when it comes to security. Moreso, I thank God for my tech-savvy son that identifies problems and gets me straight in seconds. It’s especially great so I can be a writer, not an IT Tech. But don’t get me started on Star Trek quotes 😉

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  5. I’m with you on the technology computer wish list and privacy issues. I’ve encountered trolls, hackers and flamers even on WordPress and I had to take steps to keep them from posting nonsense and insults on my blog. I totally get where you are coming from. Keeping it real.

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