I may need help!

My calendar app says I arrived home days ago.

And yet my legs continue to feel rubbery like I’m still getting my step count in by bumping my way along an airliner isle or pulling my carry-ons around crowded airports between (multiple, affordable) flights. And instead of actual thoughts, my mind is ablur with mini-playbacks, like Pixar short features.

Though most of the smoke from the wild fires cleared while I was away, not much seems completely clear yet.

Today my Rainbow Manicure done by six-year-old TexasGrandGirl is barely recognizable after three days of innumerable washings in public rest rooms and repeated slatherings of hand sanitizer. Now this is truly phenomenal. Ordinarily I would never step outdoors without employing much polish remover to these nails. The blobby, bubbly, streaky, chipped and rubbed remnants of color delighted me all over town, through holiday airport crowds, over the clouds right through to even now.

But this morning as I walked the drive up to the road I noticed children waiting for the school bus. Labor Day and my vacation are certainly behind us. If It’s Thursday This Must Be Home.

I admit I’m stuck on how the mismatched fingernail colors on my hands bless me beyond even my impressive imagination. Days later I now realize it’s solid, inarguable evidence:

I’d been on my first vacation with my family in decades – an actual vacation and not pauses on the way to a funeral, a wedding or moving my household – yet again.

I had scrimped, saved, planned, recruited help and then together we actually made it happen. My Illinois Grand girls and I got manicures and tried new fashions. I played Pokemon with Grand boys in Illinois and in Texas and together we explored some of their worlds. I visited with my grown kids, studied their faces extensively and we celebrated our life – together.

It’s been several years of my dreams coming true.



As I re-enter my life here on the ranch the odd polish illustrates the astounding love the Father pours over and through us. Had anyone told me I’d still enjoy the faded mess on my hands days later, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m only now getting to where I can stand the thought of stripping it off. But thinking about it I realize how, despite all the distractions while traveling, the disrupted prayer and devotional time, God is nearby. Whether I’m crossing deserts or oceans, doing chores, even when I’m simply not paying attention, God adores me.

Like my worn nail polish.

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! …” 1 John 3:1 (NIV)

*Can’t brain courtesy Onsizzle



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17 responses to “Re-entry

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  3. Please forgive my late comment, I’m catching up after a manic few weeks! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. I thought the manicure was a perfect reflection of a child’s outlook on life!


    • No worries at all, Jessica. I’d be dried-up-shallow to let time lapsing make me testy. Like everything else, practice makes perfect, but I appreciate how life is so very much nicer with grand kids – that’s why we must be parents first!

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  4. I’m so happy to hear about your trip, and all the good feelings it brought you and continues to give you. So what if it takes awhile for your brain to adjust. It’ll get there. ❤

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  5. Love that GrandGirl manicure! I have 1 grandson who lives 2000 miles away (and 2 who live close by). I know that visits to him are precious! The memories of your family vacation will stay with you always, I am sure. Welcome home!

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    • Thank you, Laurie. How my family wound up scattered across the country is a long story, but I know how you feel. My nearest grand child is a full day’s air travel from me right now, so our visits are spread out far more than I prefer. We’re working on changing that soon. Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad to meet you!

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  6. The memories and picture will remain when the color fades. In my past I took my girls to get manicures. They got to choose the color and I wore the same color as they did. Fun birthday gifts. Good memories.

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  7. Sweet post! You can wipe off the nail polish, but the wonderful memory will always remain in your mind and heart!

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  8. I am so with you. Leave it on until you can’t tell its goal anymore. It will be wonderful memories.

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  9. ❤ ❤
    Such a heartwarming post, so happy you had a wonderful vacation, give yourself time to get back to routine. Keep flying high and keep enjoying that rainbow nail polish! 🙂
    You also ended the wonderful post perfectly. Love the song!

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