One of my top 10 favorite bloggers recently posted about What Your Bookshelf Says About You. Without thinking I boldly went where no Roo has admitted to going before.  Yeah, I put myself out there to risk being examined. It’s all good. Another one of the beauties I especially appreciate about this blogging community is how it attracts polite, kind-hearted people (my personal favorite).

However, doing this was not always like me. Former Me would also have participated because, well, books – what’s not to love. But rather than simply looking around, I would have created a list certain to impress others. What’s more I would likely have spent hours gathering titles in the list or creating binder images of the books I borrowed. It’s okay to laugh. It’s no secret I can still be a very silly girl.

So now, if this post goes awry I’ll obviously blame it on CJ. She started it by sighting what is now also one of my favorite recent reads, My Ideal Bookshelf.  Well, that and The Right Wrong Man thanks to Jacqui Murray.


Left Nightstand


Right Nightstand (notice books much nearer bed than the tv/dvd remotes)


The Book Exchange Club shelf

What my book collection today doesn’t say:

– Christi’s post brought to my attention I no longer possess my first editions and books of special interest collection. Slightly sad Roo.

    • But then again, you can’t take it with you and my space here in the cottage is limited. The texts are readily available when I want them, so I’m fine.

– I’ve been reading more digital media (ya gotta love Libby) and enjoying it more.

– After years of coaxing, Erin is now on Fb. We have years of photographs to catch up on. This justifies the craft table that’s covered with boxes of photographs in various stages of being sorted. This has been taking up a quarter of my living room (and gathering dust) since, ahem, early summer. My new challenge is to not begin another book until I complete that project.

Most notable – I either:

    • no longer care about dust, (okay fine,) I’m way too busy to care if anyone notices dust,
    • realize I am astoundingly confident in God and therefore real good with the Present Me He created. I no longer rarely feel the need to meet anybody’s standard but God’s to feel good about myself. I shot without staging – that includes dusting,
    • life is better on a need-to-see basis – too bad humans must age significantly to appreciate this fact,


  • I (finally) actually do have my priorities in their proper order.

I’m not positive, but thanks to God, annnd after many a long series of trials and errors I’m quite comfortable going with option #4 today.

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7 (NIV)



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8 responses to “Proclamation

  1. JoHanna Massey

    Whenever I am in someone’s home for the first time I am immediately looking at what reading material is around. My books are a most valued possession. Enjoyed this post very much, and yes lamps always need a few books. All my best to you. Thank you.

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  2. Aw shoot, another post that requires a LOVE button! This was wonderful, Roo. And may I just say, I too had difficulty culling the “this will impress them!” books from my post. (Yeesh, that pride gets in the way something fierce, doesn’t it?)
    By the way, I have a book lamp stand too! 📚


    • Don’t ask me why that surprises me in Christian friends. I simply can not be the only human to have miraculously survived a crazy life before falling in love with Jesus and yet imagining most of my friends’ lives ever being less than ideal is hard for me. Still silly after all these years, ooooh, still silly…

      Thank you for the great post that just keeps on inspiring, Christi.

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  3. Oh boy, I am at home surrounded by books everywhere, most of them firsts. I am famous for not remembering details so no problem rereading favorites. And I admit to being disturbed by the way libraries desecrate books – okay I’m a bit of a snob about that. But I do admit that if we had to downsize, probably my mystery collection would be first on the chopping block.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mary, one of our first conversations (so long ago) began with us chatting about the titles in the space around us. I’m okay with some things never changing. I appreciate you hanging out!


  4. Doesn’t every lamp need books under it?

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