Have I mentioned the frustratingly unstable internet connection here in my cottage? I often miss the good old days, hard-wiring Ethernet cables into the backs of desktop computers. They were buggers to move about, but the connection was usually dependable.


Annoying as the unreliable cable/WiFi repeater service here often is, I get by. I utilize my laptop, my smart phone and my tablet. By tablet I mean my old Galaxy S (ahem) 3.

When nobody else is home and the cable service isn’t down – yet again, I can also carry my laptop up to the main house and log in there. And when all else fails I can drive into town and connect at the local library, book store or coffee shops. Above and beyond security risks the latter comes with a myriad of distractions and diversions. One of the perks to being me is having nothing anyone else wants. Still, public WiFi is an absolute last-resort.

I consider myself blessed to have options.

This all brings me to another reason why I especially appreciate the blogging community. It’s another aspect of how marvelously God draws like-minded people together.

  • Like me, most of my blogger friends strive to post only seasoned, final drafts. Even so, sometimes mine have little errors. On the rare occasions I don’t catch an “oops” between scheduling and an actual posting, at least one of my fellow blogger friends (knowing I’d agonize over such a thing) will shoot a heads up my way right away. Typically mockery and witticisms ensue at both ends.
  • The same friends also realize I often comment from the aforementioned GS3 device – with not-so-nimble fingers. They kindly correct obvious keying errors before approving them (yeah, typos).
  • Then there are the ever-so-fun Speech-to-Text translations that can hijack an intended point, confusing the cleverest comment – often hilariously so. These same friends intercede as necessary.


So finally, my point (you’re welcome):

We all experience times when life and technology seem to get the better of us. Life itself is a learning process. In the grand scheme of things, however silly I may feel, I’m delighted to find that often I’m not the only silly soul around. I believe God orchestrates us to bring out the best in one another. This helps us get over ourselves in the kindest ways possible.


“Most of all, love each other steadily and unselfishly, because love makes up for many faults.” 1 Peter 4:8 (The Voice*)


*The Voice Bible (VOICE) Copyright © 2012 Thomas Nelson, Inc. The Voice™ translation © 2012 Ecclesia Bible Society All rights reserved.

*Image and Feature Image courtesy Pixabay



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8 responses to “Support

  1. This was perfectly written, no typos found. 😉
    I use public wifi as a last resort too, and am comforted that whatever anyone sees on my end will bore them terribly.
    *gasp* I remember the phone book Christmas trees! What fun we had! 🎄

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  2. Winter is the worst season here and the connection falls down often. All the waiters at the local bars, when they see me appear with my laptop tell me if they have changed the password or not, before asking me what I want to drink 😀

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  3. Loved reading this, Roos. It’s fun to see tech through other eyes. I do love-hate all of my digital devices. I work mostly from a desktop computer, hardwired to my cable, sit here 12 hours a day, so have few of your connection issues.

    I’m glad you use public wifi as a last resort. Luckily, my phone is usually up and I can use it as a hotspot so even in a restaurant, avoid public insecurities. And since I rarely use all my data plan, I don’t have to pay more.

    Thanks for sharing this!

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    • I too take advantage of using my phone as a hotspot when I must go into town. To stay closer to my point I took poetic license. 😉 Touching bases worth you it’s always a pleasure, Jacqui.


  4. WiFi can be wonky. Fortunately the coffee shop across the street has WiFi as do many bars, laundries, the Public Library and numerous coffee/tea shops. Also New York City provides a service to low income neighborhoods like mine called LinkNYC. It too can be wonky but at least it’s here. NYC also has free phone kiosks where you can recharge your cell phone and make Free calls. No more clunky phone booths cradling a two ton phone book searching for quarters. Progress is a good thing.


    • I kind of miss those old phone books. In Los Angeles we’d use them as booster seats for the little ones (with a safety strap, of course). At Christmas time, we’d fold the pages, spray paint them and decorate as table-top Christmas trees or bells. I appreciate you, Deborah! Thank you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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