It’s not something I prefer to talk about, but I may have mentioned I deal with some tremendous sadness. Now and then it can seem like too much for me. Sometimes I like to say, “Hey, let’s stop the pain train.” Even when I’m trying to be funny, I’m usually serious about that.

I hate to admit it (but hey, it’s just us here), sometimes I want to just quit – though that mostly happens before coffee.

The trouble with quitting is

1. I still don’t know how, and
2. I can’t imagine explaining to God how I couldn’t trust Him any more.

My life’s main accomplishment has been to prove how easy it is to drift off-course, to lose sight of even the nearest, biggest, most important goal.

Seriously, from the time I was about three for thirty-odd years, I often felt I was a mistake.
Circumstances and developments can seem like too much, but at least now we recognize and understand PTSD.

My personal game-changer happened when I was thirty-something. I rediscovered that I love God. I’m not talking about sitting in sanctuaries where my family met every Sunday, First Friday or Holy Day, nor the beautiful buildings filled with art that I fawned over as a child. I mean I cried out to the Creator of the Universe, God. He answered me and He showed me He had never actually left me.

He stayed with me and since then God consistently proved to me that relationship with Him is the best way through this world.

Today I’m all about appreciating that God does not make mistakes. Not even the devil (evil, et. al.) was a mistake. (How else would we appreciate God’s goodness?)

More than ever before I appreciate that I’m actually co-piloting my journey. Like most everyone else I know, I will likely continue to diverge – occasionally often. Yet, I can unreservedly trust that God, my Pilot will continue to make continuous adjustments, redirecting me back to His intended route. And He does it constantly for me and innumerable other souls, all the time.

So, I can sum up my whole point today in three words:

I’m. No. Mistake.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5, 6 (NIV)



Video, Mistakes by Influence Music  

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19 responses to “Mistaken

  1. Oh darlin’, I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this post… but I’ll try: for your honesty, your humility, your obvious care toward your readers in writing it, and most of all for this line: I can’t imagine explaining to God how I couldn’t trust Him any more. Because it all comes down to trust, doesn’t it? ❤️


  2. Adebisi Adetunji M.

    Hugs Roos…Your heavenly father loves you so much. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Excellent reminder that most of us, even those who have been weaving down the path for quite some time, struggle with our value. And yet looking to the cross and the ultimate sacrifice the God of the Universe made for each of us individually reminds us of how valuable we are, every minute of every day, no matter what. Indeed, God doesn’t make mistakes.

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  4. That is a beautiful, guiding verse. Thanks for sharing your path of faith.

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  5. You arouse concern for you with this one. If God did make a mistake, Who would be quick enough to notice? You are in my thoughts. Do you feel it?

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  6. Powerful, Roo. I think as we age, we realize God’s gifts aren’t just happiness and success. They’re much more. At least I have!

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  7. “I can’t imagine explaining to God how I couldn’t trust Him any more.” What a great thought to keep you going! I will remember that one. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Lovely post with a great reminder! I am struggling with a personal journey that is beyond my understanding. Like you stated, at times the circumstances and developments are just too much and it is difficult to trust that God has a hand in this. I am getting through it by prayers, petition, and self-sacrifice. My faith in God, my hope that my prayers will be answered, and my love for the person responsible for this journey sustains me during this difficult period.

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  9. I’m looking forward to warmer weather in April and Stephen Birthday on May 3rd. Then we will be able to spend time together. In the meantime I’m a card carrying member of the Island for Misfit Toys.


  10. I’ve had depression most of my adult life. In recent years winter and Holidays associated with winter makes it worse. The physical pain so horrible that if I attend one activity that will knock me off often for days. My skin is disfigured and my joints require extended bed rest. Every winter is a form of torture to be endured until spring. However I know that my suffering in this life will reward me with healing and eternal deliverance from pain in the next lifetime.

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