The fur kids and I are taking pause to catch up on my reading while I mend.

So far they are unimpressed.

Feel the blessings and pray it forward!

“Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; Save me, and I shall be saved, For You are my praise.” Jeremiah 17:14 (NKJV)




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17 responses to “Paws

  1. GoodGirl looks so majestic on her throne, but also compassionate in how she keeps her eye on you. Hope your healing is progressing well.

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    • Thanks Christi, Now that the fear factor’s behind me, I’m improving daily. GoodGirl is marvelously attuned to her humans – sometimes she’s too sensitive. Even so she’s my favorite of last year’s 3 rescues. The little dogs are good for keeping your feet warm and usually a laugh, but I relate to big dogs better. ❤

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  2. I’m slow on the trigger! I tried to figure out how you were reading while you mend. I can’t read and mend (sew) at the same time. 😀 Now you know I have to be in the older set to thing “sock” repair when I see mend.

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  3. I totally understand. Our dogs are never impressed with our actions unless there is a treat in our hand. The Shepherd is Royalty, Right?


    • Shhhhh. Keeping her humble is a full-time job. It’s tricky because she is my favorite. Still, I actually call the chihuahua “Princess” when she’s obedient. They all amaze me at how they understand my use of languages and vocal tone.


      • We have two Chihuahuas, brother and sister. The two best that I have ever mastered. They are almost better than children.

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        • I know I’m maturing finally because I have come to realize I don’t really have a problem with chihuahuas. However, I avoid people who do not control the dogs in their care. Naturally, my former attitude developed from a very close relative with a particular fondness for Chihuahuas and Shelties – her “babies” were typically ill-mannered, uncontrolled and often mean. Once I understood that chewy to likes to ride in the truck on my lap so she can see out the window, I actually enjoy taking her for drives around the ranch 😊. I am now glad to agree that well-loved chihuahuas can be fine companions.

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  4. The animals may be unimpressed, but they look to be at peace. Happy healing!

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  5. Sweet!
    Hope you heal up quickly!

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  6. Oh they are so beautiful!

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