Their Illicit Lover

Another example of the mastery of Mitch Teemley:

Mitch Teemley

 This is one of my darker posts. And for a good reason. Please read through to the end.   A true story.


He said he would kill them

In his time, in his way

And yet they let him stay

Even before they loved each other

They loved him

Faithfully and steadfastly

And when they married

He moved in with them

Years fell away

They had children

Dreamed dreams

Lost their dreams

Then found them again

Aged a little

And aged a little more

They shared everything with him


Yet he never ceased to whisper,

“One day I will kill you”

By now it seemed a carnal jest

A monkeyshine

And then he killed the man

The woman was gutted, emptied

The man had been everything to her

 “Not you!” she screamed,

“It was never you I loved!”

And yet she let him stay

A generation passed

Before she…

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10 responses to “Their Illicit Lover

  1. Love Mitch’s humor and irony. God bless!

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  2. Jon

    I watched my grandfather go from lung cancer. Treatment in those days was not much. Still that didn’t keep me from taking up chewing tobacco when my high-school friends offered it. Took me 10 years of being totally quit to get past the craving. That was over 40 years ago and I am still grateful to be free of the habit every time I think of it. I wasn’t too bright starting. Just sayin’.

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  3. As I told Mitch, I was volunteering at the local hospital, singing to the cancer patients. I was asked to come to the room of a woman dying of lung cancer. Her family was gathered around, crying, as she gasped for air and I sang “Amazing Grace.” I remember thinking that if every middle school or high school student I had who had tried cigarettes and was flirting with the habit could spend five minutes in that room, it would give them nightmares, and they’d never light up again.

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  4. That packs a wallop! I’m waiting to see what 18 years of second-hand smoke is going to do to me. My dad quit smoking after I went to college, and he lived to be almost 90.

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