Gray Pearl – Walk #1

As we turn into the last stretch of winter I reflect fondly upon the unseasonably warm, sunny days of the Advent season here. As the sun rose I caught myself wanting to complain about yet another dark, overcast morning. Then I noticed the moon hanging over the trees in the pearl gray sky.

Awestruck. Whine diverted, I can wait on the sun.


Winter wonder by God.

Image by Roo (c) 2019 RapturePractice! Pub.





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18 responses to “Gray Pearl – Walk #1

  1. Snowed in New York City last Night. I call it cranium cracking, bone breaking, heart attacks weather. The hospitals have a brisk Business when it snows.
    Last time it snowed a busload of disabled children were trapped for over 8 hours without food or heat. My brother Stephen travels to and from his program via school bus. Both of us must go out today. Hopefully we will both make it home in one piece. I will Schedule a few WordPress Blog Posts just in case.

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    • Praying travel mercies, Deborah. 💙


      • Today not too much. Most of it has melted but Sunday is when the big storm is supposed to arrive. At least I can stay home. The hospitals and funeral homes will be doing good Business.

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      • More important than the weather are
        Right now, 800,000 federal workers are either furloughed or working without pay. SNAP (or food stamp) benefits, which five million seniors count on, are in jeopardy of running out. Low-income families who rely on subsidized housing are facing eviction.
        My brother Stephen receives SSI, MEDICARE and Medicaid. When it runs out. Both of us will be out on the Street begging.


        • I wrote my reps and the White House aski g if the assistance funds would be coming from their paychecks as I’d bet they’ll be paid – for NOT doing their jobs or their duties. This is so shamefully upsurd.


          • Absolutely. California is giving the furloughed workers Unemployment benefits even though Agent Orange is against it. Forcing people to work without pay is a form of slavery. Plus what happens when the workers run out of transportation money or they can no longer pay their babysitters. That includes the TSA workers and the Border patrol officers. After a while nobody will show up because they can’t get to the job.

            Even the IRS is affected. We might not get Tax Refunds this Year because not enough workers. Checks might not be sent out until the Year 2020.


  2. Gray Pearl – love that title. So nice with the picture. And the text too. 😀

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  3. If we look, there is beauty in the going as well as the coming.

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  4. I like that; you are very honest and open here. I think I would have done the same because our Creator loves to hear our praises and thanks, even in the little things and; “Life and death are in the power of the tongue.” I would rather speak life and I’m sure you would too!

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  5. Your words were sparse, but your praise was magnificent.

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  6. Roo, Take what you get and be thankful that you experienced it. Love and blessings to you.

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