As winter drags on:


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14 responses to “Trust

  1. One of my favorite scriptures. Of course I lost your email address so I will share my Good News here.

    Miracle Divine Favor with my landlord. I really Love where I am living. My home is walking distance from the subway and bus. Also next month I will be Artist of the Month at the Daily Press Coffee Shop across from my house. Please pray that God will Bless me to stay in this location.

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  2. Adebisi Adetunji M.

    I am encouraged by the scripture verse you shared Roos. I really do need to Trust Him more right now.

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  3. I just wanted to let you know that on January 7th I started working part time for the Brooklyn Public Library. I’m a Literary Resource Specialist for the Adult Learning Center. My job is to be a Community Liaison for People seeking to earn their High School Equivalency Diploma formerly known as the GED.

    I’m grateful to have this job since the government shutdown is not likely to end anytime soon and I will be responsible for Stephen care.

    The Safety Net will be gone soon. All the benefits and resources enacted by FDR and LBJ will be a thing of the past. America is about to enter a Depression worse than the one in the 1930s.

    I’ve been cutting back on my posting and will be forced to give up painting. It’s more important to eat and have a roof over my head.

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