Feel Warmer Yet?

We interrupt this cold spell to remind you summer will be here before you know it.

“Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.”

Romans 8:18 (NLT)



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30 responses to “Feel Warmer Yet?

  1. Looking forward to summer. Can’t wait to get away from the slip and fall season. Hospitals are doing a booming business with all winters supply of broken bones and cracked craniums.

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    • I took 3 impressive falls and thank God only the one required an ER visit. Be careful, Deborah.


      • One day it had snowed, Sleet was coming down turning to ice as darkness descended. I left work around 6 p.m. that evening. As I exited the building there was a young woman with one of those four pronged canes. She was Crying and sobbing. Naturally I turned around to ask Her what was wrong. Well She was terrified of walking on the icy sidewalk. I offered to walk Her to Her destination. She took my arm. Gradually, slowly we made our way across the slick sidewalk. With Her physical disabilities She put her weight on me. I spoke Softly to her that I was not going to let her fall. I told Her that God would help us. At least I got a laugh from Her when I said I was an Angel sent by God. It was funny. I don’t look anything like an Angel. After all what Angel is blind in one eye? I’m a broken Angel. After what seemed like an eternity we made it to the corner Bodega. I was surprised because I thought that we were going to her house but She said that a friend was picking her up. Of course being concerned I asked if She would be okay. She said Yes. We hugged and waved Goodbye to each other.
        I didn’t tell Her not to cry because I know what it is to not be able to navigate during winter. People only think about how beautiful Snow, ice and Sleet are but not if you use a cane or wheelchair. As for the People who say that She should not have gone out well if you are a student, she looked to be in Her 20s, you must go to the Library to do homework just like other students. Being disabled doesn’t excuse you. Also not everyone has family to take you here and there. I knew how She felt. There is no shame in fear. With my visual impairment I have come close to falling down stairs as well as getting hit by cars, trucks and buses. Many times at my previous job my coworkers had to Pull me out of the Street because I couldn’t see oncoming traffic. So I understand how this young woman was afraid. I’m glad that I was able to help Her.

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        • God blessed her that day – with you 💙


          • True. I wonder how many People heard Her Crying and just kept on walking? Even my brother Stephen who has Autism automatically goes over to try to help People in trouble. Sometimes I wonder what happened to compassion. Seems to be rapidly replaced with judgment. Stephen and I were raised to be helpful, kind and understanding.

            Anyway you might see a repeat of this testimony in your email. When I press buttons either words disappear or they reappear somewhere else. One of my not so Secret Superpowers.

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            • No worries, Deborah. I sometimes need to read things twice! I suspect I’m not the only one to thank God for you and Stephen. Don’t let the masses get you down.


              • Well at least I work in a Place that changes people’s lives for good. When People pass the High School Equivalency exam they are so overjoyed. They returned to the Adult Education Centers hugging the teachers, case managers and others. Crying Tears of joy. During my short time working at the Library I’ve made a connection with a Vietnam Veteran. We clicked because we are both Veterans. I have a great deal of respect for combat veterans. Then at his age, I believe that he is somewhere in his 70s to take classes at the Literacy Center. Bravo. Unafraid. He is also taking care of his sick wife. I’m hoping to provide this gentleman with much needed assistance by cutting the VA red tape.

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  2. If the winter is getting you down, just think – already the days have been getting longer for about seven weeks now. (!)

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  3. Spring is just around the corner for us. We ate lunch on the screened porch today!!! My rule is that we should stay indoors until the thermometer hits 65 degrees. Of course, we could have snow tomorrow, but we seized the day at noon! One of the horses came over to look at us just to see what we were doing.

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  4. I am believing that this is my year to move back to Arizona!!! Can’t wait; not that is that bad in GA but…..my heart is back home in AZ ever since I lived there!

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  5. Bonnie

    Still snowing here, Big time!

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  6. Don’t feel it yet but my sister is complaining about melt flooding her yard.

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  7. You have to say that there is always the best for us each day. Even if it seems unbearable. The best to you.

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  8. Thanks. I’m planning my next fishing trip right now!


  9. Looking forward to warmer days!


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