I traveled to the Portland, Oregon area, joining dear old friends to celebrate a life that ended far too soon.

For our return the weather caused us to divert from our usual route. Taking in the breathtaking views from the west side of the river instead of the east side, we then crossed the Bridge of the Gods to go up the Columbia River Gorge. This route to the Gorge was a first for both of us.

From grief to comfort to elation. Chris would have loved that.

Thank You, God.

Images (c) 2019 RapturePractice! Publications

Columbia River south of Bonneville Dam

Featured Image (header) Columbia River Gorge Northbound in a snowstorm.



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17 responses to “Serendipitous

  1. I’m glad you had friends to share memories with and be comforted, just as you comforted them.
    We saw the Columbia for the first time a few years ago. It is a magnificent river. Very inspiring — your post is proof of that. ❤️

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  2. What a delightful memorial, Annie.

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    • Thank you, Jacqui. I’m glad for the feedback. I wanted to memorialize the dear, darling man I knew as a younster without gettin “all Irish” about it. Be blessed, and keep praying it forward.


  3. Warm Southern hugs from North Carolina!

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  4. That’s a Honda crossover, fat fingertips and no glasses 😄😄


  5. Oh that looks cold!!!!!

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  6. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

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  7. God lead you to such a lovely and comforting route home. I am glad you found a sense of peace as you grieve for someone you cared about. Here is a warm hug reaching across the miles.

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