All day today sounds of spring either startled me or repeatedly distracted me from whatever I was doing.



Today’s experience was brought to us by weeks of averaging low 30-something high temperatures with flurries and freezing overnight, and then today – temps rose to the mid 40’s with wind! By mid-morning snow and ice began melting – very quickly.

Suddenly there was frequent, unexpected banging of snow. That’s right, snow rudely pounding. Okay, snow, ice and icicles crashing to the ground – did I mention loudly? We’re talking great weights of compressed fluffy whiteness, layered with glistening, multi-colored ice, thundering against the exterior walls.

About the third time I had to detach my claws from the ceiling, I began to get annoyed.

That got me thinking about some of my attitudes and habits – the ones I usually wouldn’t notice. God forbid we settle for less than what He wants for us just because we’re set in our ways.

I’d gotten used to sliding around on the snow and ice and layering clothes to keep from freezing. So what if I likely spent an hour a day layering the bulky, cumbersome dressings on and off? And even with excellent treads on my boots I had to step very, very carefully, avoiding that whole gravity/lost-balance thing. Still, I had it all under control.

Like the way I adore cinnamon rolls with my coffee. Despite their high carbs and starches, mine are basically heart healthy – I reasoned – so I made them every day. For months. ‘Til my clothes no longer fit…

Still, I didn’t want to give them up. God had to force me to relate the extra weight to my painful hips and knees before I surrendered.

But today there were sounds of water steadily trickling onto hard surfaces and splattering against the walls. And bright sunshine!

Soon little stream-like waterways trickled along the slopes of the hundreds of yards of pea gravel that Cole had just begun to level as the snow began to fall.

Finally, droplets of water from the roof caught the mid-afternoon sun, creating a cascade of minuscule rainbows. At least the droplets appeared on camera, even if the rainbows didn’t.

Me being fifteen pounds lighter now, I couldn’t resist the sunshine any longer. For the sheer pleasure of it I stepped outside in my short shirt sleeves to take it all in and shoot the excitement around me.

Now, this is my kind of winter. Finally!


“Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying.”

Romans 12:12 (NLT)

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19 responses to “Soundings

  1. Beautiful captures!

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  3. Hooray for Spring! Bring on the Warmth!

    Happy International Women’s day!

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  4. Chrissypetraitis

    Spring is on its way! Always a reminder to have hope and nothing, not even winter, last forever!

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  5. We hit 40° today too! Though we’re supposed to get almost another foot of snow over the weekend. 😀

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  6. Andrea Frazer

    Love the photos of hope. I can see those on my husband’s phone too. Hearing a lot of gratitude, too, which always puts me in a good mood. Enjoy your weekend!

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    • Thank you so much for stopping by, Andrea. I’m sorry you missed the cartoon because of my mis-post, but I’m delighted the draft blessed you! Feel the blessings and keep praying it forward!


  7. 😣😣😣 Gah! My eaves ALL look exactly like that right now. Only mine have a layer of pine needles hidden beneath the snow and ice. I’m just waiting for them all to come crashing down on us. There is a LOT to be done once everything finally starts to melt.

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    • I know what you mean. Pines line the north and the south borders of the first 50 yards at the front of the lot around the main house. You are right. It’s a lot of work. Thank you for stopping by, Sam.

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  8. Enjoyed the post and the last picture is the best! 🙂

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  9. It’s so nice to see spring is really on its way. Well, maybe!

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