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Beautiful Brother and the Beast – Assignment 13

Although I am not gifted with poetry, assignment thirteen was fun for me. More inclined toward prose, I practiced short subjects emailing my first son while he was deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Navy. Messages had to be 50 words or less. Today my bull’s eye is 100 words. I’m okay with hitting the outside of the spot.


2014-05-09 09.13.20

I was too young.
Too young to comprehend.

I took you into my heart,
my brother, my child.
The void never closed after you left,
And you overfilled it when you returned.


wolf woodsI was too old.
Had no place of my own.
I took you into my heart,
my brother, my friend.
Our time here passed so very fast.
Dear God, can we all be together again soon.



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