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Not Just Football

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get up.”Vincent Thomas Lombardi; June 11, 1913 – September 3, 1970

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The first football season in our new home was disappointing. Not only did my family’s beloved Green Bay Packers not make it all the way to Super Bowl 5-0, but our household had landed in Dallas Cowboy country. No one ever saw that coming.

While this season Packers are 6 – 1, I’ve been following along – including all the local media hype. I am delighted to notice distinctive character that seems to have noticeably waned with other NFL teams. Though the Cowboys are having a hard season so far (2 – 5), I appreciate the team’s overall good sportsmanship I witness in the local newscasts after the games.

Nearly a week later, I can’t forget the news clip from the locker room after last week’s Dallas v. Seattle game. A Cowboy responded to tweets hailing him for rudely mocking the injured Hawk’s player, saying “Oh hell no, that ain’t right. I’d never do that… When I saw he was hurt I prayed for him. People making up mess like that, that just ain’t right.” I don’t mind saying it’s not the first time I noticed the Cowboys, win or lose, present good attitudes no matter what hits them.

They get up.

And then… U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake (AZ) exposed not only the Cowboys and the Packers but the Jets, Falcons, Ravens, Bills, Bengals, Browns, Colts, Chiefs, Dolphins, Vikings, Steelers and Rams have all accepted some of the $6 million the Pentagon and the Department Of Defense paid to promote Veterans as Home Town heroes. Veterans must be recognized, respected and appreciated. Period. I agree, our government paying sports teams to do what they should do anyway leaves a bad taste in one’s mouth. Spending taxpayer’s dollars like that – that just ain’t right.

Let’s see how they all get up.

Go Packs!


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