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What’s Going On – And Forward

Earlier this week I challenged the news media to report more random acts of kindness not knowing the previous night’s recording of CBS and NBC’s 10:00 broadcasts already had.

Right here in North Texas, Executives in Action actually acted upon an idea inspired by the increasing popularity of food trucks. The organization handed out free food to children that day. By pairing non-profit organizations with senior level business leaders together, they served glazed donuts and apples to children, happy to receive them, on their way to school. According to the report, Executives in Action plans to serve coffee at D.A.R.T. stations and to distribute care packages at homeless shelters. This sounds to me like the start of something big.

Later in the week both networks also reported that someone stole a water jug from a local convenience store that was collecting donations for an 8-year-old cancer patient’s family. Days later, the two young boys that took the jar and the money, seeing the report on television, were so stricken with the reality of the wrong they’d done they not only returned the jar and the money, wrote heartfelt personal letters of apology to the beneficiary, but the report stated the two boys are also personally collecting more money to donate to the sick boy.

And this just in: Runners will hit the path over the weekend to honor and commemorate the life of the late David Stevens, victim of the random act of senseless violence which inspired my initial post, What’s Going On.

The world is indeed a mess, but today I feel markedly hopeful for all of mankind. While simply doing the next good thing may be naively altruistic, evidently I’m not the only one believing it actually is the next best thing we can do. With that I look forward to the next new day.



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Old Story; Good News

It’s a little after noon in North Texas. Birds’ songs lilting through the open windows as though they must remind me fall fell late last week. With allergies closing my inner ears, my eyes puffy, nose running and my head slightly achey so that sound sleep is elusive, I’m as aware it’s autumn as I am each spring. No worries, a spritz of saline here, a drop there and another tablespoon of raw, unfiltered, local honey and I’ll be fine again.

I miss the spectacular colorful displays I’m used to in more northern climates, California and especially the beautiful northwest. While Red Bud blossoms continue to decorate my neighborhood I remember autumn colors will come along eventually. Perhaps not as dramatic or widespread as I remember from elsewhere, but I’ll see them here and there while running errands, keeping appointments around town and and (dare I hope) visiting the kids an hour or so’s drive away now.

This all actually ties in with my main thoughts today from the mainstream media news. As cardinals and blue jays tweet away my longing for the family life I’ve missed for a couple of years now, I am thankful to be on high, dry ground – for now.

While many families and communities grieve through the shocking loss of loved ones, though I am very familiar with such pain, this year I am spared new wounds. Other local families are without power and gas, some forced to move from their homes after living without utility service for weeks with no end in sight. Floods in the deserts, on the east coast and the threat of hurricane Joaquin wreaking more damage, all paint a painful picture.

Today I am thankful as I gratefully offer up my prayers for my loved ones and so many others. Here in Tornado Alley, with my offspring – some first responders and military service persons – the peace I feel now can change in a moment. So, I’ll take in the splendor of each day as it comes, as I learned over decades. Excuse me a moment while I get another tissue…

Because of my experience I know that while I look to God first, He has provided all I need to accomplish all He created me to do. I needn’t concern myself with what may happen. Tomorrow will happen wherever I may be.

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” King James Version (KJV), Matthew 6:33, 34 Public Domain

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Turkey Medallions – Times of Feasting and Getting Famished

Have I mentioned how autumn is my favorite time of the year? In case the break in hot or hotter weather isn’t enough to inspire longer walks later in the morning, colorful vistas cause me to swoon. Unlike any other season, I’m actually excited about bargain shopping and exercising my mad couponing skills so that city traffic doesn’t even bother me.

Before (possibly during) the Avian Flu outbreak, discounted marinated turkey breasts reduced for quick sale became stars in our summer suppers. From the grill, oven or cut into medallions, they’ve not only delighted company served up with my From the Hip Mango Salsa (which is actually chutney **), but inspired other successful experiments.

Turkey Tenderloin Medallions

Turkey Tenderloin Medallions

One of the blessings is a taste delight I developed, first from leftovers, and then with the whole tenderloins fresh from the wrapper. Now with cooler weather coming on I’m contemplating how to make a twenty pound turkey disappear among three people. Since I alone actually like leftover turkey this is a hefty challenge.

The savvy shopper is ever watchful for clearance sales on wines that enhance many recipes with a broader flavor palette (alcohol cooks away leaving a thicker, more flavorful reduction instead of gravies). Cashing in those Catalina coupons from the grocers’ registers makes them more affordable.

With turkey one can bravely go where no cook has gone before. Worst case results, it’s still gonna taste like turkey (yet again) and can be livened up with sauce or gravy.

Back when I kept large breed dogs, my passion for good, natural food benefited the canids attached to my household as well. To make the food budget stretch, I’d roast turkeys, only I’d filet off, skins and tie together the breast, leg and thighs. I did likewise with chicken. The skins, spine, neck, giblets, etc. all went to the dogs, sometimes via the freezer. The people portions frozen raw in marinade made life simpler for delightful, quick meals.

Turkey Medallions in Chardonnay Reduction

Prepare ahead rice (steamed is good, pilaf is superb), risotto, quinoa, couscous, pasta or noodles. Enough to make a bed on platter.


2# (Aldi’s) Rotissery flavor turkey breast tenderloin, sliced into 3/4″ medallions
2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
1 large sweet onion chopped
3 or 4 fresh zucchini 1″ slices
1# fresh white mushrooms, sliced in 3rds
garlic (to preference)
branch of fresh rosemary (can be easily removed before serving)
1 pound, bag or 2 bunches (well cleaned) chopped spinach – preferably baby, or arugula
3 cups chardonnay (or any sweet, white wine)
1 cup water

Slice turkey in 3/4″ medallions (or slice into bite-sized strips if you prefer). Heat deep skillet, coat with evoo, stir fry turkey pieces on hi temp till browned but still raw in centers.

Reduce heat to medium-high, (remove from burner for a minute or two if necessary to prevent scorching). Add onion and saute 3 mins, till just tender. add mushrooms, saute till firm-tender, about 3 mins. Add rosemary sprig and stir another minute till aromatic.

Add 1 cup wine, and 1/2 cup water. Bring to boil again, stirring to scrape skillet bottom till smooth. Reduce heat, top with zucchini, cover, simmer gently 2 – 5 mins. Gently fold in spinach, cover, cook 3 more mins.

Remove meat & veggies from pan. Turn heat to high, stir in remaining wine. Cover meat and veggie platter with another plate and pour into pan the juices that have now collected at bottom of platter. Continue slowly stirring to prevent scorching until mixture begins to thicken* and reduction is thick enough to cling and cover spoon. If mixture reduces too much, add a little more wine until slightly thinner than desired consistency. Cover and remove mixture from heat. Let sit 3 – 5 minutes.

Cover a deep platter with a bed of noodles, pasta or grain (or plate individually). Arrange meat and veggies on top. With rubber spatula stir reduction, scraping bottom and sides. Ladle sauce over meat and veggies on platter. Serve with crusty, warm bread or rolls. Bon appetit!

Also delicious topped with a dollop of Greek style yogurt and sprinkled with chopped, fresh parsley.

* One can substitute turkey or chicken broth instead of (or in addition to) wine. Reducing broth or stock takes longer, so be patient and careful to stir often to prevent scorching.

** God willing, I will also share that recipe.

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Higher Ground

So, I was on Facebook and viewed a short video. I laughed, and saw some wisdom in the feature. So, I set out to track its origin.

The next step grabbed my attention even tighter. Granted, it led me to the wall of a person whose focus is upon self expression. It’s Facebook – not necessarily reality.

I couldn’t find the fun, quirky and thought-provoking video that user posted some time before. Instead I saw an onslaught of the user’s more recent posts and skimmed over some of the comments, most screaming racism.

It be like, If ya dis, you not da fix.

KK, your Facebook wall infers you are one K short of perpetuating a bigger problem than the light-hearted subject that led me to you. So, I’ll keep looking for the next best thing.

End of rant.

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