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Environmental Adaptation – Mid-Level Lunacy v. 3.1.1

My days typically start hours before dawn. Note: I did not choose to rise while the rest of the world sleeps (and in our household today that would be everyone but me). It is what it is.

Example: Yesterday began at 3:45 a.m. Particularly exhausted after a full, rich, action-packed day I was ready to sleep by 7:00 pm. At around 8:00 p.m. I heard Opal arrive home from her job, revved and excited. The way we know things by vocal tone in our household amuses me. I could tell Opal was also exhausted. Listening to her stories from the other room I began to doze.

Flash! Literally – a flash of a strobe light jerked me to attention. Since I could still hear the same conversation from the other room, evidently the rapture hadn’t happened.

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I also deduced that, the flash of blinding light came from Opal’s cell. Out of consideration to the rest of the household, Opal disables her ringtones at home. She also has a strobe-type light notification so she doesn’t miss important messages or media posts.

However, the random, sporadic flashes of light began annoying this former health care advocate for the hearing impaired (clients’ strobe lights in every room alert them to phone calls and the doorbell). The strobe flashes work well for the hearing impaired who quickly adjust to them. I never needed to get used to them – until now perhaps.

No worries, I plug in my trusty earbuds diminishing all sound outside my head, set the tv timer and I focused my attention on my program. ‘Works better for me than a sleeping pill, without the morning hangover.

So began the night’s program:

– Flash of light! – Still not the rapture, I tell myself it means nothing to me. I nod.

– Flash! – I’m wide awake – again. Just ignore it. I begin to nod.

– Flash – I’m suddenly astounded that I’m the only one annoyed by the light show. I start to doze.

– Flash – Again, it’s just me. Yet again. I’ll shut my door to block out the lights (I loathe doing that)! I doze.

– Flash – Now fully awake with irritation levels rising to the red zone. I pray: “Lord, give me strength. Kind, gracious words suggesting Opal turn off the strobe light wouldn’t hurt… I slip into euphoric slumber.

– Flash – Now I’m upset and not certain why. I must get up and deal with something. I toss my covers aside…

– Flash – Arrgh! That’s it! I’m up now. Hmm… I didn’t close my blinds. I’ll do that.

– Flash – I remove ear buds and immediately thunder crashes. Oh WOW! We’re experiencing an electrical storm! It’s not Opal’s phone at all.


– Flash – Never mind. I’ll just watch the storm…



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