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Right Click, Roo!


The WordPress Reader has become my newest obsession. It not only presents vast fields to explore, with prey for Blogging U: Commenting Boot Camp, but offers a wellspring of refreshing prompts. It also spares me time and a minute degree of panic over a full inbox – all without missing a post.

Comically, I upgraded to Windows 10, the same morning our Wi Fi service provider changed. This process goes smoothly for everyone else in the technical world, but not so much for me, not today. Both factors combined complicated my Reader experience today – I’m going with that story.

What I learned in the experience: as instructed on Blogging U, Day One, right click on the link to open in a new tab. Simple enough. Right? And yet, with frequent, sporadic Wi Fi feed interruptions all morning I forgot. Again. And again. My one free hour was seriously not enough time!

it guyNo worries. IT Guy assures me he will resolve the problem quickly – probably before lunch.


Still waiting… Hmmm… Maybe I’ll clear my schedule.


Meanwhile, I must return to work – offline.


Happy writing!


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