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Connect 2.1.0

Next month will mark my fourth year of blogging. While I prepare to touch bases with my loved ones around the country for the next few weeks, I’m taking a pause to review posts and progress. This could be fun!

From 2016July09*:


Have I mentioned lately I love the blogging community?

friends chicago

Imagine Heaven

I’m serious about that. Without getting all sappy here, the Blogosphere helps us feel heavenly at least now and then. A post rings in our souls, fills us with inexplicable joy (or at least makes us chuckle, think, rethink…) – reaffirms why we spend our time writing what we do. We comment and it goes on and on from there. Connection.

I’ve been blessed with friends I never would have imagined – and yet (unlike Erin and Roan whom I’ve known most of my life) we’ve never actually locked eyeballs. Still, these people get it. They make time to converse, explore different thoughts and perspectives. They not only work tirelessly to share life through their writing and blogging, but they Pay it Forward, help spread the good stuff around.

Today I am overflowing with appreciation for my friends. Somewhere in the blogosphere someone needs a ray of light and these folks are the brightest in my minuscule fleck in the universe.

So, this is me paying it forward today to only ten of the best of the blogosphere – from my humble perspective. If you haven’t met, stop by and say “Hi.” You won’t be sorry:

The delightful if sometimes slightly snarky CJ Hartwell at Feeding on Folly
The Great Thinker of Stuff, Mitch Teemley at The Power of Story,
The irrepressible Diane D. at Ladies Who Lunch Reviews…
Trailblazing life coach Michelle Malone at 2 R Better Than 1,
The gifted and gorgeous Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha at A Cooking Pot and TwistedTales,
Jacqui Murray at Worddreams, a military mom and my go-to friend for writing/blogging/publishing information on the spot,
Sweeter than ever, Oneta Hayes at Sweet Aroma
Mike Ridenour at New Hope for Dry Bones shares his from his no-nonsense, no excuses journey.
Let Adebisi Adetunji help you feel global empowerment at FeminineMaterz,
Anne Mehrling shares her life in the Mountains at Mehrling Muse

Sincerest thanks and love to each and every one of you – and especially those dears I couldn’t include today!


“He [God] makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.” Ephesians 4:16 (NLT)

*(a teeny bit tweaked)



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A Pingback Party

I took up a challenge from outside of WordPress: Promote other bloggers, especially new bloggers via pingbacks.

Browsing through the WordPress Reader, Mysticalwriter’s post about her Learning Style seemed a good candidate. As I read Mystical Writer’s post, Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha‘s post Not by Rote Learning, Please also came to mind. I imagine other participants already saw both posts. Still, I’m sharing the love for other bloggers who, like me, experience that missed-the-bus feeling from not enrolling for the latest Prompt Party or Blogging U course. Anyone seeking some supportive, community interaction will find it on these avenues.

If identifying your learning style, some great writing/blogging tips or book reviews might be helpful, here’s a few links to some other exceptionally fine blogs I found (just to name a few 🙂 :

Charles French on Charles French on Words Reading and Writing,
Jacqui Murray at Word Dreams,
Kelly Miles at Author Kelly Miles
Leslie Tralli at What’s Inside That Nut?
Ryan Lanz at A Writer’s Path
Diane at Ladies Who Lunch Reviews, Etc.
J S Malpas at Useless Book Club
Michelle at Two Are Better Than One – The Malone Zone
Mescalime at Psychochromatic Redemption

I could go on, but check these out, find more great blogs there and I’ll get back to another project!


“Christ died for us so that, whether we are dead or alive when he returns, we can live with him forever. So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” I Thessalonians 5:10-11 (NLT)


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The Liebster Award!


I owe sincerest thanks to Caitlin at Full of Joy Happenings for nominating my blog post for The Liebster Award. Who doesn’t appreciate someone going out of their way to say, “well done?”

Best Things First, some wonderful bloggers:

Discovering the Unknowns

The Truth File

Brand of Man

Storyville; Storeis, Tales, Yarns and Other Adventures

The Cranky Blog

Hundred and Counting

Two are Better Than One; Partner Up

Pebblestone Steps


My Life in New Zealand; Living in the Auckland

Tangerine Wallpaper Feminism. Crochet. Books. Music…


Eleven facts about me (spoiler alerts):
– In the third grade I broke a months-long silence (not speaking at all) to announce my school principal put my essay on the main bulletin board.
– I dropped out of high school to be a full-time mom, but returned to college twelve years later. I’m still working toward that degree :>
– Laughter through tears honestly is one of my favorite experiences. Sadness and tragedies happen; one simply doesn’t plan for them. But one doesn’t forget something naturally hilarious breaking through overwhelming grief.
– Beatles, Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, John Denver, Paul Simon songs (I admit it) or Big Band music (from way before my time) can lift me from the foulest mood.
– My mother would lock me out of the house during summer break or I’d hide away with a couple of books until I had to come out for food, water or the bathroom.
– I have lived in about thirty homes from the midwest, northwest, southwest and midsouth continental U.S. large cities, towns, and small hamlets including a summer in a rustic cabin in the sierra foothills and a year on a sailboat.
– Settling down on (a working ranch) self-supporting, acreage in a co-op community to raise organic, non-GMO food and raising livestock is my ideal home.
– Given a choice, I would live on home grown vegetables and fish year-around (I like canning home-grown food).
– While I adamantly avoid religious systems, Jesus is my all-time hero, favorite personality, favorite teacher and best friend.
– Long visits in large cities is exciting, informative and exhilarating, but given my choice I’d live in the country, not far from a coastline.
– Little else settles my nerves like relaxing on a catamaran within sight of land – now that I can’t afford personal injury from surfing.

Eleven questions:
1. What got you started with your blog?  An friend, writer, journalist and mentor started it. A second dear, (older 🙂 ) friend also reminded me every time we talked the good blogging would do me. When a third friend refused to publish copy I wrote for her until I did, I got the point.
2. Please link to your favorite post you have written and why is it your favorite?  I wrote it, let it ‘cure’ and when I came back, certain it would need editing, I liked it and posted it as is: Learning From Life – Extended Course
3. What is your favorite color?  What day is it? What’s my mood? I lean toward jewel tones, accented with yellow and red.
4. If a movie were to be played about your life, who would play you? Ah! Meryl Streep.
5. Where would you like to travel that you haven’t traveled to yet? Where both sides of my family began in Cork County Ireland; Italy, all of it beginning at the Amalfi Coast, Greece, The wine regions of France. How much time do we have?
6. What was your favorite book or movie as a child? The Littlest Angel, John Wayne movie late at night (I’d sneak about it), The Wizard of Oz
7. What is your favorite season and why? In Southeastern Washington, Autumn. In Chicagoland late spring
8. What is your astrological sign and do you feel it describes your personality? Gemini. People tell me yes, it does, but I don’t know.
9. Do you have a bucket list? What is number 1? Not a printed list; it changes to often for me to keep up with. I’m leaning on travel; the New England Seaboard for a summer.
10. If you like to exercise what’s your favorite type of exercise? brisk walks/salt water swimming
11. What’s your dream job? Publishing Manager for Harper Collins, Random House or Navpress in that order 🙂

The Liebster Award Acceptance Rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated and link back to their blog.
2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog.
3. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
5. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers for the award, by asking them 11 new questions or
6. …(or) answer the questions you were asked.
7. Make sure to let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them!
8. And don’t forget to copy the rules into your post!

1. What got you started with your blog? 
2. Please link to your favorite post you have written and why is it your favorite? 
3. What is your favorite color? 
4. If a movie were to be played about your life, who would play you? 
5. Where would you like to travel that you haven’t traveled to yet?
6. What was your favorite book or movie as a child?
7. What is your favorite season and why?
8. What is your astrological sign and do you feel it describes your personality?
9. Do you have a bucket list? What is number 1?
10. If you like to exercise what’s your favorite type of exercise?
11. What’s your dream job?


Thank you Caitlin!


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Epic Awesome Award!

epically awesome award

My retarded response in no way takes from my profound, sincere appreciation for the Epic Awesome Award. I only imagined before how such recognition from my fellow bloggers feels. Thanks to Joana Salazar I relish the astoundingly uplifting sensation.

While I am not awesome, learning to blog has been a marvelous experience. I want to encourage others with my stories and ideas. New friends such as Joana and Michelle, make my work brighter and happier for their efforts. I want to do that too! I believe God makes us all awesome by imparting some of Himself through us. By supporting one another we are untied with Him and one another. And we get to have fun in our new blog community. Win-win!


Among the amazing blogs that light up my imagination (other than those JoanaYecheilya, and Charles French already mentioned) are:

Arlene Powers

Two Are Better Than One

Spiritual Musings From an Educated Redneck

Brand of Man (the BOM)


Create More – Consume Less

Sarah’s Attic of Treasures

Discovering the Unknowns


And so many others, but my brain is now numb reviewing their ‘awesomeness’!

Thank you, again.


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