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Life On A Need To See Basis: I’m Emily Litella’s Kid Sister!

I enjoyed exceptionally good vision most of my life. I could clearly see things both up close and at great distances that most people only imagined. Those that spent any time with me quickly understood I had Superman vision – without that x-ray thing.

Perhaps that’s yet another aspect of how I find the aging process so entertaining. Honestly, while failing vision disturbs some, and others have lavish budgets (or excellent private insurance) that pay for corrective surgery, this humble starving artist gets through the present with humor.

Today for example was my one and only foray outside the walls of our home for the week. To most readers that sounds a little sad and unimaginable to some, but this is me today. I was so happy about getting out and about I somehow forgot to take eyeglasses with me. Granted, I have backup readers tucked away in my purse – too much to dig out when I can get some kind stranger nearby to read small print for me – yeah, I go there.

So, driving northbound on 380 I noticed the electronic marquee over the HOV lane, advising drivers that use of the HOV lane will cost $8.25. My first thought was “That seems exorbitant,” followed by, “Mercy, are tolls in Texas that expensive?” And finally, “I wonder if there’s a ceiling on tolls.”

Before I could bring the subject up with Roan, who was driving (in her usual, get-outta-my-way-so-I-get-there-without-bloodshed style), we were close enough for me to see the sign correctly, and discover it actually read HOV Lane $3.25. I laughed out loud. Roan asked, “What?” My response, in true Emily Litella fashion, “Never Mind.”

Roan didn’t get it.

A little further on as traffic slowed, my heart rate quickened as I watched a hawk approaching above us. The amazing bird seemed to be holding in its talons what I imagined was prey… Then it appeared to be leather straps – hmmm… maybe it’s a domesticated hawk. Oh. It’s actually a heron. How lovely.

Classic SNL clip of Gilda Radner as Emily Litella and Chevy Chase

But I came upon my favorite illustration of this subject on the return drive home. Back on the highway, barely moving along, I noticed nice, enormous blue letters across the face of a large building proudly advertising Physicians Open Stand-Up MRI. At that point we were stuck in traffic with that particular scenery. That’s when I noticed what looked like a drive-through alongside the building. I’ll admit it, one of my many next thoughts was how technology has advanced! Imagine taking an MRI in a drive through!

Of course I took a photo.

MRI Drivethru

Only now that I see it was actually private, covered employee parking, I confess that I couldn’t get my head around the idea of a drive thru MRI. Not really!

So now I’m home, the groceries put away, I’m considering what to post about today. But instead I can’t help but wonder if my grandparents appreciated Gilda Radner’s Emily as much as I continue to do, or if they took more of a Jane Curtin response to her. I think I’m in good shape since I still clearly envision them all today!

I love you forever, Gilda!


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