Paying it forward here, I’m reposting from My Spanglish Familia:

“I need bloggers for my Metamorphosis Mondays Blog Event. It’s usually a Q&A format but I’m very flexible in terms of format. It could be:

  • a single event that changed your life
  • any moment in which you learned something about yourself or others
  • humour is always welcome
  • poetry is always welcome
  • creativity is always welcome
  • major life events or seemingly unimportant events
  • travel stories welcome

 Show the love & help…

Thanks to Charles French for the heads up.

Pass it on and circle back to What’s Next.

Thank you for your support.



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2 responses to “Connect

  1. Hey there…not sure if I know how this works. Is it an asynchronous Q&A? Would love to support fellow bloggers. 🙂 How are you?


    • Hi @ I re-posted with a link from my post, basically because I’m not sure if there actually is a correct way to re-post, or how to spell repost. I can’t do it this week, but I bookmarked Taco’s site so it will pop up after the deluge of new assignments for Blogging 101:Comment Bootcamp this week 🙂 I am fluent in cut/paste! I hope this helps. I’m doing okay; Blessed that I can still tread the high waters 😉

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