Gun Control vs. Self Control

Again, IMHBIO Mitch Teemley addresses the matter best:

Mitch Teemley


Every time there is a mass shooting in the U.S. the gun-control debate is revived. “Guns kill!” one side chants. “Guns don’t kill, people kill!” the others side retorts. And while it’s true that no gun ever killed anyone without a human pulling the trigger, it’s also true that no human ever killed anyone by pointing their finger and shouting, “Bang!”

The truth is: both statements are correct. Guns kill. And so do people. Therefore, any real solution must address both issues.

Guns kill. Modern weapons aimed at large crowds, as demonstrated in Las Vegas, kill and maim with hideous efficiency. Yes, the U. S. Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. But the Founders clearly did not mean this to go unchecked: from the beginning, convicted criminals forfeited the right; and it’s long been the consensus that violently unstable people forfeit the right, as well. America’s half-baked registration process…

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5 responses to “Gun Control vs. Self Control

  1. While only a fool would not sympathize with the families of the fallen victims of these heinous acts of violence, using them as a platform to promote a call for gun control is just patently absurd. Let me just ask you this…are the deaths of innocent people at the hands of drunk drivers any less tragic than the deaths of the innocent people in Las Vegas? Why then do we not call for the immediate ban and restriction on the sale of motor vehicles throughout the US? After all, those drunks couldn’t have killed anybody without the car. Of course, that is absurd. It’s just as absurd as calling for gun control because disturbed people use them to kill. If they didn’t have the gun, don’t you think they would google themselves a recipe for making pipe bombs? Car bombs? Do you really think for a minute that if there weren’t even a single gun available illegally that these people would not still kill indiscriminately? Of course they would. That’s why this argument is foolish. We as Americans should seek instead to promote better treatment for people who exhibit symptoms of mental illness and overt irrationality.


    • Thank you for reading my reblog of Teemley’s post. I agree on many points you mention, none of which are contrary to what Mitch expressed. Be blessed!


  2. Amen Sister Roo! After Sandy Hook and the 9 African Americans killed during Bible Study in Church last year I keep wondering when will we and the politicians ever learn. Not to mention the mass murder in the theaters, concerts, colleges/universities, etc… You can’t go anywhere now and be safe. Not even in school or church! We should have a Love affair or at least respect for human beings not guns! I served four years in the U.S. Army and I know what weapons can do. And Not since I ETS’ed in November 1981 I have never ever had the desire to own one. It’s like the Wild Wild West with every grievance being settled by murdering innocent people of all races & religions. Too many nutcases own guns. Please allow me to share how Australia eliminated this problem.


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