I’m amazed how I felt a little discouraged as this week began. I considered what the garden is actually producing compared to the labor we put into it six days a week. We were all feeling disappointed that we see lots of tiny, little buds, but no cucumbers in particular.


Even so, on her “day off” Izzy and I were out there on our knees, enjoying the cool of the morning and pulling weeds.

Imagine my surprise when she blurted out, “CUCUMBERS!”  And then, “Growing in the spaghetti squash. We’ve got cucumbers!”

Sure enough, before I could get over to shoot what to us is phenomenal, Iz had picked four nice-sized cucumbers and found more growing among the astoundingly prolific spaghetti squash. Remarkably only buds are on all the other vines down the rest of the row.

Later, as I packed bags of lettuce to share with friends at our Bible Study meeting, I thought about how the week turned around.

Firstly, I’m glad this week I’m not the only silly soul. And I’m glad to know I’m not the only human that tends to focus upon our understandings, expectations and agendas and we sometimes miss something else God may be doing.


For another example, last year I was disappointed that no home groups from my local church meet near our neighborhood anymore. That disappointment is now a sharp contrast to how I look forward to Friday evenings – every week.

Regardless how tired I may be, Former Neighbor Andee texts me from her new home barely ten minutes away to tell me she’s on her way, to start heading down my driveway. She knows what it takes for me to leave the cottage. I’m not proud that usually I’ve splatted against a wall by five and try to talk myself out of going – nearly every week. But every week I climb into Andee’s truck and I’m astounded at all I learn about our study topic and our friends, the people in our group.

This week more than anything else, I’m grateful for God’s eternal perspective. I appreciate the blessed assurance that He likely enjoys much of our silliness between the blessings. And He knows the cucumbers are worth the wait.

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 (NIV)




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6 responses to “Gad-Zukes!

  1. Roos,
    I am so pleased at home, that all I want is to lie in bed and just be. It is a pain when hunger drives me down to the kitchen to get something to quell those pangs.
    Were those cucumbers playing hide-and-seek? What were they doing among the spaghetti squash?
    You wrote you do a community garden. Who does the plot belong to? Thankful for good friends in life and that everything happens at its own good time and in God’s calendar time.


    • Dear Susie,
      I’m glad to say I finally know what you mean about the blessings of home.
      Our little community-within-our-community is on my brother-from-another-mother, Cole’s property (the ranch). Opposite my life, he and his lady-love Izzy grew up in this region (she in this very community), so life-long friends come and go in a steady stream. Though it’s more a way of life than a plan, everyone gives as much as we take. Sometimes a word of encouragement, lending the ideal tool for a task, the wealth of experience and who doesn’t appreciate some extra muscle now and then?
      My gardening efforts last year were planted in bales and buckets. Cole put in gardens with his mom growing up. This is his first here (contrary to its immense size), so we’re all learning along with the cucumbers as we go.
      What I appreciate most is the life lessons that go so far beyond agriculture and grounds keeping. Though I usually go to worship services solo, I need only slow down and look around me to see God’s handiwork in all things.
      Your friend,


  2. Those are encouraging words, ones we should repeat often. I’m glad your week turned around and ended with praise.

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  3. Wonderful post. I am that way, stay-at-home. I love my home and rarely love the rest of the world more, but I need to fix that. I too force myself to a bi-weekly meeting and always enjoy it. Sigh.

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