Note to Self: Relax

Kendra recently mentioned she makes ToDo lists. We laughed remembering a meme that declares keeping lists signifies the beginning of the end – essentially of youth. During the conversation I shared my journey from Daytimers, ToDo lists (itemized, color-coded and annotated), alarms in my phones to Post-It notes to myself.

I revisited that conversation today.

While inadvertently avoiding a particularly unpleasant section of my work this morning, I found myself rummaging through old memories. I confess, I became angry. It’s what I want to evoke in readers, but I felt like I was losing too much time over the passage.

Soon I realized I’d been dusting the bike tires. Clearly I’d derailed.

About then it occurred to me, I determine my deadlines. I can do this.

As Hope frequently reminds me, I’m remarkably human. Being human makes each of us unique and we all move at our individual paces – usually forward. Trying to be perfect for the first half of my life, this came as a shock to me. Sure, I often appear to be taking longer growing up than the next person. But now that I’ve given up trying to be like anyone else I deliberately celebrate the liberty to take life as it happens.

For instance, prioritizing tasks is not so unforgiving anymore. On the surface leaving dishes until morning may seem gross. Seriously, I can live with that being my darkest housekeeping secret. And dressing. I practically live in flannels (or jeans) and hoodies. As you gasp with shock also consider that all the amazing information constantly churning around in my head can be exhausting, so I sleep when I’m tired. And I wake when I’m rested. Another perk to being me.

So, to enjoy life more and miss less I use ’em all: I set phone alarms, mark calendars, make lists and write notes to myself; white boards, black boards, and Post-Its everywhere. What’s more, I eventually notice them.

Today, in tribute to Kendra, while I return to my work, I’m sharing some of my Notes to Self from my first months here at home. Alarms not required:

  • Computer reminders while I work:
    • Drink water. (repeats every 2 hours for 8 hours)
    • Use bathroom (also repeats every 2 hours)
    • Stand and move (repeats every 90-minutes after water is consumed)
  • Notes around the cottage:


“Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom” Psalm 90:12 (NLT)



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22 responses to “Note to Self: Relax

  1. That was good for some smiles–like your system! How did we manage with out Post-Its, etc./ I think we have better memories because we HAD to recall more things with out so much help! Personally, I use an often utilize a self-made log–just a blank notebook—for random thoughts (like the name of a musician I just heard on radio, a book title I want to look up, calls needed to others plus appointments, etc. I enjoy looking for notebooks/journals that have very good paper but are cheap. A separate one is kept for writing ideas, though (rather,m more like a few, various sizes and places)!

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  2. What a quirky post!! Perfect to begin the day. You know… I have a t-shirt that says ‘Note to Self – Relax’

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  3. This is much fun. I loved that you eventually will notice your notes! My husband always tells me to write a note, I tell him if I could remember that I have a note I could remember what is on it. 😀 I don’t have (or don’t know how to use) the modern bell ringing kinds of things.


    • Thank you, Oneta. My niece and my grand kids show me how to utilize my phones. One son is an uber-tech and his apples don’t fall far from the tree.


  4. Note to you, Roo: Delightful!

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  5. Great computer reminders. Nice post.

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  6. NICE!! “I sleep when I’m tired and I wake when I’m rested” BLISS! I love it Roos.

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  7. Barbara

    Another fun post. I can’t say I’m a big list keeper but I am married to one.

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